Your Body Is Food: You Are What You Eat

by Percival J. Meris on March 7, 2009

YOUR BODY IS FOOD. It is edible, and could as well be a delicacy on the dinner tables of wild beasts and cannibals. Someone once said to me that the cannibals of old preferred to eat the human flesh of Asians than of Europeans. European flesh tasted salty. Asian flesh was more bland but delicious. He related these to the kind of diet these two peoples had. True or not, this story does have something to tell us about the effect of diet on our bodies.

Food is the basis of health.

Your body is food, because it is the result of the food you eat. The kind of body you have depends on the kind of food you eat. Eat high quality foods, and you produce a high quality body. Eat low quality food, and you get a low quality body. Your body is made of the food that you eat. Therefore, if you want a beautiful body, a brimming storehouse of energy and vibrant health, choose food that give you these.

Food, therefore, is the basis of your physical health. Health and disease arise from the quality of your diet. Choose the best food for your diet, and you lay the foundation for a healthy body. Plain and simple. The other components of your health regimen – sleep, exercise, and detoxification – can build up on that.

Appropriate high quality food to your body, and sleep will assimilate it into your cells. Improve assimilation by training your organs through exercise. Aerobic exercise improves cardio-vascular efficiency responsible for distributing nutrients to every cell up to the farthest one. Detoxification clears up accumulated toxins and garbage, and prepares your body to receive fresh nutrients. All these, however, must be preceded by nutrient intake, without which we see not point in performing them.

Uncooked plant foods are highest quality foods.

Since your body is all made up of 30% nutrients from food and 70% water, always make it a habit to select only foods of high quality. What is high quality food? Food in its raw state but edible without cooking is best. These foods are found in the plant kingdom – fruits and vegetables. Fruits, said to be the original diet of man, is ready-made food. Vegetables, especially green-leafy ones, can be eaten as is, that is, without cooking.

Cooking food destroys certain vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Uncooked foods are live foods, unlike animals that you must kill before eating. They contain the energy of the sun, trapped in the green coloring of the leaves. If you want energy coming from live food, eat fruits and vegetables raw. They are foods of highest quality that gives you high quality body.

Raw fruits and vegetables are high-water content foods, unlike those from animal sources, which are concentrated foods that clogged your system. Foods from the plant kingdom, therefore, approximate the composition of the body in its proportion between nutrients and water.

If you want health for your body, eat high-quality foods, and efficiently utilize them with sleep, exercise, and detoxification practices. Not only will you feel brimming with energy, you will also look younger and more beautiful for a longer period of time. You will have a more pleasant disposition and positive outlook towards life. Health and happiness are the result of properly selected food, sufficient rest and sleep, a regular but moderate exercise routine, and occasional practices of detoxification.


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