Understanding Yourself As a Human Being and Treating Yourself Accordingly

by Percival J. Meris on June 27, 2010

Human Being

Photo Model: Mary Frances Therese G. Meris

MANY OF US DO NOT UNDERSTAND OURSELVES AS HUMAN BEINGS. Most of us see ourselves as bodies. Some know we are spirits, but tend to forget, dismiss, or ignore the idea.

So, the spirit concept remains cocooned in theory, and is not being lived out as it should in practice. Because of either ignorance or lack of internalization of this concept, we treat ourselves in ways we should not.

This explains why we have frequent bouts of unhappiness on many occasions in our lives.

The Human Being

In the first place, we are essentially spirit beings and only accidentally human beings. What makes us humans is the fact that the spirit that we are lives in a body.

A human is an animal, because he has a living sentient body. As an animal, he shares certain attributes with other animals: spirit (life force) and body (container of life force). But one attribute that distinguishes him from them is his soul.

A human consists of three essential aspects of being: spirit, soul, and body.

The Human Spirit

We are spirits. Spirit is energy. Spirit energy is life. We are life. This life that we are is the force that animates our bodies and makes them “alive”. We are not that body, but the spirit that gives it life.

The spirit energy that animates our bodies is an integral part of the whole tapestry of universal energy. As spirit energies, we are interconnected to one another and to all the other forms of energy in the universe.

Therefore, we and “all creatures great and small” are all one, because we are made and part of the same stuff, and the differences that we see among us is just an illusion. These differences soon disappear, and what remains is the spirit energy that makes us what we really are.

The Human Soul

The soul should be distinguished from the spirit. The soul shapes the raw spirit into a distinct character that distinguishes it from other spirits. We are not the soul but the spirit shaped by the soul. Spirit is what we are; soul is what we make of what we are.

What is soul? Soul is mind. Mind produces thought. Thought activates the will, and generates emotions. The will empowers the individual to choose his course of action towards a goal. The emotions provide motivation for action and move the body towards the goal.

Thought, will, emotion – together they make up the human soul.

With the combined actions of thought, will, and emotion, behavior is defined and results are produced. The nature of these three-pronged actions qualifies the soul. The quality of the soul forges man’s character, and man’s character determines his ultimate destiny.

The Human Body

The body is the container of the life force, called spirit energy. It is the material aspect of our being that is animated by this force.

Upon entry into earthly life, the spirit wears this body, thereby animating it and rendering it useful as an instrument of the soul in carrying out its (spirit) mission on earth. The soul directs the body to act in accordance with the spirit’s mission-attaining intentions.

Because we have bodies, we frequently experience needs for its sustenance and comfort. These needs are so telling that we often think that we are the body, and forget we are spirits. We often commit selfish acts because of the urge to prioritize OUR OWN physical needs.

When we revert to pure spirits after death, all these needs will all of a sudden become irrelevant. At death, this life force departs from the body and renders it “lifeless”. So, the body dies, but we (the force) continue to live.

Human Being: Spirit, Soul, and Body in One

Why are spirit, soul, and body synthesized into a being, called human? What is the purpose of human life?

Human life is characterized by the existence of a body animated by the spirit that is shaped by the soul. Its purpose is to provide an occasion and venue for the spirit to attain “perfection” for its soul and help fellow humans do the same.

With a “perfect’ soul, the spirit then becomes worthy to join and blend with the One Perfect Spirit (God).

Treating Yourself As Human Being

In one’s pursuit of self-development, a person’s primary aim should be the discipline of the mind – first and foremost. The mind is the wellspring of the soul. It creates thoughts that activates the will and generates emotions for the body to act in attaining life goals.

The key to mind discipline is choice of thought. Thought is the precursor of all our actions. What we do in life determines what we will be after life.

So, define what is most important to you. Set your values and order of priorities in life.

Most people set the wrong priorities because they have distorted values. Their values and priorities in life are based primarily on the needs of their bodies.

There is nothing wrong with attending to the concerns of the body. But do it with a view of maintaining it only as an instrument of the soul, so that the soul can use it to achieve the spirit’s mission on earth.

Therefore, do not concern yourself more with things of the body than with the concerns of soul. Do not concern yourself with the beauty of the body more than the beauty of the soul. The body is temporal; the soul and the spirit are eternal.


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Ali (Soulful Body & Mind) June 27, 2010 at 4:59 pm

Peace Percival!

Well my friend, I appreciate this vibration raising post!

We must see ourselves as more of energy beings than physical. Whatever your view is of the world around you and your involvement in such, you must overstand your hidden self. For your hidden self is what forms who you really are. It's a known fact that there is more energy than matter and this energy manipulates and influences matter. This is the same with humans. Our hidden self is what controls us because that is who/what we truly are.

– Ali

sirpercy June 28, 2010 at 3:15 am

Hi, Ali.

Thanks for your comment.

I am glad we are of the same thought vibration and belief. I think many people do not realize that they are MUCH MORE than what they believe they are. You can see that in their behaviors and in their values in life.

I hope many people will pick up this article, and understand it enough to internalize its concepts.


Sibyl Chavis June 30, 2010 at 7:39 am

Percival: What a great description and explanation of Spirit, Soul and the body. So eloquently delivered and so many great insights. I couldn’t agree more that discipline of the mind should be our chief aim if we are really desiring to develop and grow. It is amazing how much control our minds have over all of our experiences and until we choose to devote the required amount of attention and discipline, we will not be able to live life the way it was meant to be lived. Thank you so much for your thoughts, insights and a great post.

sirpercy June 30, 2010 at 8:39 am

Hi, Sibyl.

Thanks for your comment. I am glad you find my explanation well-delivered.

It was really my intention to clarify to my people the real purpose of why we are all here on earth, and make them understand their true nature. I was hoping that with that understanding they would behave more “human” the way one should.

But often people do not know their true nature and behave like beings living on earth without any purpose or reason. If they could only realize that they are more than what they think they are, they would be more respectful of self and of others.


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