The Power of Confidence

by Percival J. Meris on October 24, 2014

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O F THE MANY SECRETS TO SUCCESS, SELF-CONFIDENCE is the most important. It is belief in your ability that encourages you to take risk to accomplish things beyond your perceived present capability. What holds you back is not who you think you are but what you think you are not.

Life’s circumstances will put your determination to a test. Many times you will experience discouraging failures. Unless you give up, you will find that each experience will make you stronger and wiser. Each learning gained will add new resources to your arsenal to use to battle life’s vicissitudes.

Be a Winner, Not a Loser

If you can harness and channel all your energy to fulfilling your goal, you will turn out a winner. If you can weather the storm that come by you, then you are able to meet head on whatever come your way that is beyond your control. If you can manage not to wilt away in the face of adversities, you will discover that these trials that shake the core of your determination merely will come to pass.

Putting blame on others for the unintended consequences of your decisions is a loser’s way out. You must take responsibility for your decisions. When the consequences don’t turn out to be as you want, how you react will spell the difference between success and failure. If you don’t persist, how can you become a winner?

So, you must have a Plan B to fall on. Otherwise, a slight change can ruin all your success intentions.

Arise Immediately When You Fall

It is your ability to rise up when you fall that will set you apart from your ordinary fellow mortals. The harder your fall, the greater your determination should turn out to be. You want to be a winner, don’t you? Well, DON’T QUIT!

Arise and take your battle scars with you. They should remind you of your courage and tenacity. Success comes only when you offer your blood, sweat, and tears to your cause. Never allow them to break your heart. A broken heart is a shortcut to failure.

Start Believing in Yourself

Believe that you have all the talents and abilities to surpass whatever hinders from your goal. Your friends and relatives may say otherwise. They don’t understand you better than you do. Perhaps, they merely want to discourage you from moving ahead. Try to redirect their voices to a favorable channel of energy designed to inspire you to achieve more, while you focus your attention, instead, on people who support you.

Boost Your Confidence

In the following video, Brendon Burchard discusses five steps to having more confidence. These steps include the decision to be confident, personal integrity, development of competency, momentum, and community of supporters.

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Keep these in mind as you journey towards success. They help you become the confident person you want to be. You can do it. Dream big, and know your dreams will come true.



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