The Correct Use of the Law of Attraction to Create a Money Magnet Mind

by Percival J. Meris on April 16, 2011

Money Magnet Mind

money magnet mind

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THE LAW OF ATTRACTION HAS BECOME A HOUSEHOLD BYWORD since the showing of the film The Secret. And yet, people who attempt to apply this secret do it incorrectly. The biggest mistake in using the Law of Attraction to turn your mind into a money magnet is to accompany it with negative thoughts.

For example, if you desire to have money using this law, your mistake would be to think that you want money because you do NOT have it now. That is negative thinking. The subconscious mind will pick it up because that is the persistent content of your mind.

Putting the Law of Attraction to Work Properly

So, how should you do it? Simple. Make it a habit to think positively. This is based on the principle that your thoughts create your reality. If you think positively, you attract positive results. Conversely, if you want to attract negative results, just think negatively.

Here are practical ways to think positively to make the Law of Attraction work in your favor:

  1. Focus on what you have and want.
  2. …not on what you do NOT have or do NOT want.

    Focus not on your lack of money. Focus instead on the existing resources you have that will bring you money – your tools, your skills, your knowledge, your motivation.

    Focus not on the thought that you do NOT want to be poor. Focus instead on the thought that you will be rich.

    Whatever your mind focuses on is what your mind will give back to you.

  3. Evoke positive emotions regarding your financial situation.
  4. The thoughts your mind focuses on triggers corresponding emotions in you. If you focus on positive thoughts, you will elicit positive emotions. Thought gains power to achieve when energized by emotions.

    Emotions are powerful energies that emit to the universe frequencies specific to your thought. By the law of correspondence, the universe sends back to you matching events and experiences in your life.

    So, keep replacing negative emotions of hopelessness and pessimism with positive emotions of confidence and optimism as often as possible. This will keep the good energy flowing, and inspiring greater and greater change in your life.

  5. Perform activities that promote financial abundance.
  6. Your emotion energy propels you to action towards your goal. Heed its promptings, and act accordingly.

    So, in line with your money goal, you tend to conserve money, and buy only things that contribute value to you. You do something proactively that draws you nearer to the achievement of your desire, such as gathering information, setting conditions, upgrading your skills.

  7. Cheerfully expect the best to happen.
  8. Anything less should NEVER be an option. This expectation, energized by the emotion of cheerfulness, stems from an unwavering belief that what you desire will eventually take place.

    “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

  9. Always be open to any opportunity for prosperity.
  10. We have spent our time preparing for the opportunity to realize our desires. Many times opportunity comes our way, but we do not recognize it. So, it passes by, and it is lost.

    “Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity” ~ Henry Hartman

The Law of Attraction and Audio Meditation

One effective technique to put law of attraction into use is meditation. However, many people lack the training and discipline to perform this. Fortunately, there are resources that facilitate this operation.

They come in the form of audios, from which you listen to a voice suggesting thoughts your mind should focus on. These audios take away the effort from you. You do not have to deliberately think of positive thoughts to affirm and implant in your mind. You simply close your eyes, relax, and listen receptively.

Money Magnet Meditation Technology

If you prefer to create a money magnet mind, using the Law of Attraction principles, with the aid of audios, consider learning about its techniques and technology by visiting this website. The technology consists of 10 easy-to-listen-to meditation audios, spoken by a soothing and tranquil voice for a period of seven minutes each.

With this technology, creating a money magnet mind is a no-brainer.

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