Successful People Are Those Who Make Things Happen: How to Become One of Them.

by Percival J. Meris on January 25, 2011

make things happen

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PEOPLE WHO DO NOT MAKE THINGS HAPPEN ARE THOSE THAT JUST LET AND WATCH THEM HAPPEN. Their destinies are consigned to fate, which grants them the life they deserve only if and when it decides to do so. They have little control of their future.

The ability to make things happen is a human characteristic. Unlike animals of the lower forms, a human being is gifted with intelligence and will power, which endow him this ability. Those who do not put these gifts into use for this purpose number themselves among the born losers.

The Born Losers: People Who Do Not Make Things Happen

People who do not make things happen live in reaction to events, and become effects of these events. They are controlled by their environments. They do not shine out, because every insignificant happening of the moment in their environments lays claim to their attentions, and diverts them from the more important things in life.

The Winners: People Who Make Things Happen

In contrast, there are the people who make things happen. They materialize their dreams by honest active pursuits. They realize that the end will not come to them, and so they get to the end.

Unlike their counterparts, these people are the causes of their own situations in life, simply because they choose to make them happen. They do this by changing not their circumstances but themselves. Then, their circumstances change with them.

In short, these are the people who have taken control of their lives and achieved success as a consequence.

How You Too Can Make Things Happen and Become a Winner

To make things happen is a matter of decision. You have to have a plan, followed by action fuelled by the empowering attitudes of belief and gratitude.

    Envision the things you want to happen.
    Have a clear goal in mind. Know exactly what conditions you desire to bring into existence.

    Do not confuse your goal with its reward. To make things happen is your goal; to earn money is your reward for making things happen. With this as your goal, you will find a lot of opportunities to make things happen, and these in turn will convert into money.

    Empower yourself to make things happen.
    To make things happen, you must acquire some knowledge and skills on how to bring this about. Also, tools to help you implement your knowledge and skills. This is part of the preparation for this purpose. Imagine when opportunities come, and you do not know how to bring about the thing you want to happen.

    Be alert for opportunities to make things happen.
    Everything so far has been a preparation. You need to have an opportunity to apply what you have been preparing. Without it, you can never make things happen. If opportunity does not come, be proactive and look for them, or create one.

    Zig Ziglar has always been quoted as saying: “Success is where preparation meets opportunity.”

    Start to make things happen. Take action.
    Make plans, and take actions right away. Take action, even if they are just baby steps. Each step brings you closer to attainment.

    It is better to act and fail than not to act at all. Each time you act and fail, you learn valuable lessons. You get to know what processes work and what do not. Doing the processes that work paves your way to success.

    “Nothing happens until something moves,” said Albert Einstein

    Set your success indicator.
    How would you know if you have succeeded? When you achieve your goal, you have succeeded.

    Since your goal has been to bring the conditions you desire into existence, you attain success when you make these things happen. And then, you can reap the reward for your success.

Are You One of the Those Who Make Things Happen?

People, who do not make things happen, are those who either:

  • do not know that something happened;
  • know something happened, but do not know what happened; or
  • know what happened, but just watched it happen.

If you are not one of those who make things happen, ask yourself this question: What price are you paying for not making the things you desire to happen?

If you are, this question: What price must you pay to make things happen in order to have the life you desire?


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