Self-Discipline Formation: Made Simple through Meditation

by Percival J. Meris on August 2, 2011

Self-Discipline through Meditation

Self-Discipline through Meditation

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S ELF-DISCIPLINE IS AN IDEA THAT USUALLY CONJURES NEGATIVE IMAGES IN THE MIND. It connotes scenarios of discomfort, pain, sacrifice, and self-denial. I am not disagreeing with this … because it is true.

Despite this, self-discipline is such a positive concept, that you would do yourself a great disservice, if you misrepresent it with negative associations. Discomforts are necessary in self-discipline formation. Without them, there is nothing to develop self-discipline with.

Your disinclination to take action due to discomfort is the most deterring factor in attaining success. The conquest of your aversion to discomforts is the aim of self-discipline training.

Self-Discipline in Simple Terms

Simply put, self-discipline is the power to compel yourself to:

  • do something that you must do, and
  • not do something you must not do,

whether you like it or not, in order to achieve what is good for you and for others. It translates into your ability to

  • forego instant gratification for the sake of a later benefit (in goal-achievement efforts)
  • overcome the tendency to indulge in harmful impulses and useless habits (in moral standard observance)

The Value of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the key element of personal power.

Your ability to discipline yourself will yield many positive results in your life, because it will give you mastery and domination of every aspect of your life and lead you to great accomplishments in all those areas.

Having it or not spells the difference between you being the master of your life or a victim of life.

Self-Discipline: the Number One Key to Success

All successful people have self-discipline. You too can attain great success, achieving almost ANYTHING you heart desires, if like them you have self-discipline.

Goals and targets alone are not enough to achieve success. You have to follow through with your plans through decisive action. Self-discipline will guarantee that you do just that.

It will give you the tenacity to surmount any difficulty and resist any temptation that may stand in your way. You will persist, in spite of challenges and discomforts, until you reach your goal.

A Video Interlude about Self-Discipline

[youtube hrbDUf5AXsg]

The principle of self discipline. In this video, Napoleon Hill speaks about transmuting sexual desires into productive activity because the emotion of sex is the most powerful of all desires and can become a distraction. He speaks about health, wealth and happiness by practicing the art of self discipline.

How to Acquire Self-Discipline

Building self-discipline is like building a muscle.

In muscle-building, you develop body strength by gradually surmounting artificial physical resistance. In building self-discipline, you develop strength of will by gradually overcoming your natural tendencies for comfort and indifference.

The Exercise:

As in muscle-building, you need to have an exercise regimen to build self-discipline. Meditation is the best exercise for strengthening the muscles of the spirit.

Why meditation? Meditation is an exercise of the mind. Self-discipline is mind discipline. Self is mind. Mind is spirit.

This exercise consists of training your mind to focus its attention on a chosen object. But you have to train this attention to go beyond the nature of mere concentration in that your mind reaches a more meaningful depth of focus.

The exercise challenge is to keep your attention full and undivided for an extended period of time.

When you catch your attention shifting away from the object of focus, simply, usher it gently back to it. Do this, until you are able to extend concentration time without distraction.

When you are able to fix your attention steadfastly to any object, you will be able to establish an unbending direction of your efforts towards your goal and command yourself to accomplish almost anything in your life.

  • Passive Meditation:
  • Sit in a most comfortable position, and focus your attention on a chosen object. Few of the techniques of meditation I learned from Yoga include candle meditation, meditation on the breath, and OM mantra meditation.

    Example: In a dark room, gaze at the flame of a candle, and see its after-image with your eyes closed.

  • Active Meditation
  • A meditation technique I learned from Zen consists of performing an activity that sets your mind to primary attention to the IMMEDIATE experience – HERE and NOW.

    Examples: martial arts, chess playing, or any work demanding your full and undivided attention.

To learn some meditation techniques, download the free ebook MEDITATION: The Guide to Self Enlightenment. Receive it as my gift to you.

The Practice:

Practice is a most important element of self-discipline training. It should be without attachment to any goal or purpose.

Why? Because once the goal has been achieved, there is no more reason to pursue the practice. Detached, however, practice can be continuous and sustained, as well as zealous and dedicated.

Devote a regular part of your day to disciplined activities. Perform at least one activity towards a goal or purpose.

The Application:

Once practice has instilled self-discipline as second nature to you, you can replicate this skill for an unlimited number of times in the pursuance of your other goals.

Importance of Rewards for Improvements in Self-Discipline

For every self-discipline accomplishment you make, give yourself a reward. Celebrate your accomplishment, even in small ways. If you don’t, you impress the idea that your experience was an unpleasant one.

The reward does not always have to be material. It could just be as simple as a feeling of satisfaction for your success. Just remember that it should be something that will help you move forward – not backwards, like food when you are trying to lose weight.

My Recommendations for Further Readings in Self-Discipline

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Self-discipline turns dynamite when you mix it with dreaming, goal-setting, planning, and passion. Its unbounded power is unmatched in what it can do for you.

In training for self-discipline, you can produce either alibis or results. Which one is yours?

If the key to success is self-discipline, then what is its lack a key to …?

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