Reawakening Your Inborn Happiness

by Percival J. Meris on July 26, 2009

The Glow of Inner Happiness

YOU WERE BORN NATURALLY HAPPY. Happiness is already within you, as it is within each of us. But as you get older, you forget that happiness within you. Instead, you allow outside circumstances to determine your happiness. Unfortunately, when things go wrong you allow situations to affect your overall outlook of life.

Happiness is a state of mind. As you have total control over the thoughts you entertain in your mind, happiness becomes actually a matter of choice. You can choose to let life’s circumstances get you down, or you can choose to be happy no matter what challenges life brings.

To be happy, choose to see the positive side of life. Positive-mindedness takes some training to develop, if you are not optimistic by nature. Once you become that kind of person, you will live a happier life, despite the occurrence of seemingly negative events.

So, what can you do to develop the happiness outlook?

Do the things you love to do.

Do you have a lifelong dream or desire? If so, write them down and start working toward it. Taking baby steps towards a dream or goal will help you feel like you’re accomplishing something. You’ll find drive and determination to reach that goal, when it’s something you love to do.

Be thankful for all your blessings.

You cannot have everything you want in life. But you have your blessings to be thankful for. Oftentimes, you take them for granted, and overlook their existence. Instead your attention is caught by what’s wrong with your life. Face your problems head on, and see the good that comes out of it.

Choose to react positively to situations.

There will always be troubles and problems in your life. But you don’t have to let them get you down. Look at the positive side of things, and work hard to see the good in people and circumstances. Be proactive, not reactive.

Build an emotional support system.

When you’re feeling low, you need the care and understanding of your friends and family. Don’t wallow in your sorrows alone. Call a friend who you know is positive and cheerful. Talk about your feelings and listen to his advice. This will ease up your burden. This way, you are likely to find solutions to your problems.

Use your God-given talents.

Do you have a gift or talent you’re not using? One reason so many people are unhappy is that they’re not doing what they’re called to do with their God-given talents. Each and every one of us has a purpose in life. You have natural gifts and talents to help you achieve your purpose. So, use your gifts effectively!

Remember to pray often.

Believe in a higher power, and communicate with it often. Knowing someone is looking over you is enough to get out of the toughest situation and continue to pursue your goals.

As you practice the steps above, train your mind to focus intensely on the positives. If you’ve been prone to look at life negatively, then you’ll have to put more effort into seeing and choosing happiness. Whenever your mind gravitates toward the negative, immediately stop it in its tracks, and, start thinking happier thoughts.


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