PATH TO EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: Technique to Release Repressed Emotions through EFT Tapping

by Percival J. Meris on August 24, 2011

The Joy of Emotional Freedom

emotional freedom

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E MOTIONAL FREEDOM RELEASES YOU FROM THE SHACKLES OF YOUR outdated negative feelings, triggered by nagging memories of an unpleasant past experience. The experience might have elicited an inappropriate emotional response, which later became negatively programmed in your mind in relation to the memory of that event.

To avoid its unpleasantness, you ignore this disturbing feeling, and turn to other things for convenient distractions. In psychiatry, this is called repression. Repression traps the emotion inside your body.

Its continued presence obstructs your body’s free energy flow. Energy is disrupted, and tipped out of balance, turning you susceptible to different mental and physical disturbances.

For as long as it is there, the trapped emotion continues to be felt, albeit vaguely, dominating your life with untold misery and suffering. It sabotages your thinking and behavior, and brings havoc to your physical well-being. Its unwanted presence punctures an energy leak, draining supply for more important applications in your life.

With this kind of experience, you begin to believe you are an unfortunate victim of circumstances.

Emotional Freedom

Unless you liberate these feelings in a healthful way, you cannot hope to achieve emotional freedom. Liberation is possible only when you decide to take responsibility for these feelings.

Manage your feelings, in such a way that you become proactive, not reactive. Discover how YOU are causing your own pitiable situation, and determine what loving actions you need to take in your own behalf.

This way, you deny them the power to dominate you. And you begin to feel lighter, happier, and more energetic.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

The Emotional Freedom Technique can achieve this liberation. Founded on the principle of balancing the subtle energy levels of the body, it uses the techniques of acupuncture without the needles. For this reason, it has come also to be known as “acupuncture for the emotions”.

Its effectiveness hinges on its ability to restore energy balance, effecting full reversal of any inappropriate emotional response to an unpleasant, albeit distant, memory. Only then can the mind and body set in motion the process of self-healing.

The Benefits:

Emotional Freedom Technique is a natural remedy that can produce instant relief from stress. It is gentle and safe, leaving no adverse side effects behind. It is simple to learn and easy to use, that it can be self-administered without assistance from another.

More than just an emotional therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique heals various physical and mental disorders that have emotional reasons behind their incidence. Unblocking the energy flow helps overcome even powerfully crippling memories (war traumas), as well as the ordinary depressing emotions, within very short period of time.

Where all other methods have failed, Emotional Freedom Technique has proven effective in its remarkable capacity not only to relieve emotional and physical distress, but also to bring it to its successful realization it with dispatch. In fact, so effective it is that it can even correct behavioral problems in animals.

When the unpleasant effects of the memory have weakened after regular use of Emotional Freedom Technique, you can start visualizing confident thoughts. This will help you minimize negative emotional reaction to life’s pressures, and improve performance in many areas of your life.

The Process:

Emotional Freedom Technique aims to neutralize the thoughts that provoke emotional pain. By activating kinetic energy, it unblocks and restores the natural balanced flow of energy within the meridian pathways. Emotional distress and interference are rendered ineffective at their very source.

The Instruments

For this technique, you will need:

  • your brain to summon the thought that evokes the stressful emotional response
  • your fingertips (in lieu of needles) to tap on the meridian points of your body
  • your lips to recite healing affirmations aloud in synchrony with the tapping operation

The Procedure

Perform the following steps simultaneously:

  1. Think about the stress-producing thought or experience.
  2. Tap each meridian point with your fingertips.
  3. Recite an affirmation specific to your problem at every point tapped.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in Action

Here is an elaboration of the foregoing steps.

Tapping with the Fingertips

Locate the acupuncture points on the face, trunk, and hands that correspond to the meridians used in Chinese medicine. With your fingertips, tap on each point for about 6 to 10 times.

Learn the locations of the meridians in this video:

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Reciting the Affirmation

Start your affirmation by stating the problem you need to address, and conclude it by making a statement of self-acceptance. For example, “Even if I have – state the problem in very specific terms – , I accept myself from the core of my heart.

See the application in this video:

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Observable Effect of the Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping decreases the intensity of the negative image, sustained in your consciousness for this exercise by the statement. This renders it more and more difficult for you to evoke this image, as the emotional trigger begins to weaken substantially.

Repeat this technique, until you completely eliminate the root cause of your problem and achieve emotional freedom.

Recommendations for Further Reading

The ease and simplicity of Emotional Freedom Technique lends itself very well to self-administration. However, its mastery comes only with commitment and practice. To gain full benefits, you should learn to apply this technique appropriately.

In this regard, you need to deepen your learning of this subject. Let me recommend a good book for you to read: Tapping Into Joy: Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression.

Since it is a book in electronic form, you can receive it immediately after you hit the download button.

If you prefer books in tangible paper form, consider the following bestsellers from

Now that you have decided to take responsibility for your feelings, be ready experience the joy of emotional freedom.

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