My Favorite Form of Prayer

by Percival J. Meris on February 28, 2009

IN CATECHISM SCHOOL WHEN I WAS A BOY, I learned that the different forms of prayer were petition, atonement, adoration, and thanksgiving. Since then, I noticed that many of the prayers said were mostly in the form of petition. I know many people who do not pray regularly. Yet in those rare occasions when they do, they say prayers of petition, usually brought about by some desperate needs or imminent dangers for which they pray for deliverance from.

No Need To Ask In Order To Receive

When you say a prayer of petition, it is like saying to God that He has not provided you with the graces you need to live this life. That you have to ask in order to receive it. In spite of the Bible passage, which says: “Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find,” I still prefer to believe that the first part of that passage is unnecessary and that people should focus more on the second part – i.e. “Seek and you shall find.”

I believe that God in His Goodness created all of us and provided all the graces that we need to live our lives to the fullest. The universe is abundant with all the things we need. These blessings are found here and there, readily available to those who will only reach for them. There is no need to ask for them.

Just Seek And You Shall Find

All we need to do is to seek and we shall find. Since God has provided us with all the graces we need, it behooves that our prayer should be a prayer of thanksgiving. When you give thanks, you create positive vibrations in your mind and in your heart. You feel appreciative and optimistic.

If you feed your subconscious mind with these positive vibrations through prayers of thanksgiving, this faithful genie in you obeys as a slave to a master, and brings your dominant positive thought vibrations to concrete reality. It is there. Just seek, and you shall find.

Instead of Asking, Say “Thanks!”

Instead of asking through a prayer of petition what you seemingly do not have, say a prayer of thanksgiving for that which you really have but which you have to seek and find by yourself. Do not even ask for the strength to do it. You have the strength. All you have to do is to believe in yourself and summon this God-given strength in you.

When a negative condition takes place in your life, by a prayer of thanksgiving appreciate this grace as a God-given opportunity for your own personal growth. Napoleon Hill in his classic book Think and Grow Rich said: Every adversity carries with it the seeds of a greater benefit. Look at the seeds and not the adversity, and give thanks to God for this grace.

Let us, therefore, remain ever positive even in the face of “negativities”. By a prayer of thanksgiving, bring out the positivity in any situation. When you pray a petition prayer, you bring to mind the things you do not have. When you pray a prayer of thanks, you bring to mind the things you do have and can have because God is making them available to you – if you will only seek and find.


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