MASTER CLEANSE: Secret Lemonade Recipe for Internal Body Detoxification

by Percival J. Meris on March 31, 2011

Master Cleanse Lemonade

master cleanse

Master Cleanse Lemonade Photo Courtesy of Vladimir Mucibabic via Dreamstime

OUR INNER BODY NEEDS TO FLUSH OUT ITS TOXIC CHEMICAL CONTENTS with master cleanse lemonade. While we perform daily rituals of cleaning the external, we neglect to do so for the internal because of inaccessibility.

Sources of Toxic Chemicals

How did these chemicals get into the body, in the first place? Whatever we take in to our body carries with some of these harmful chemicals.

External Sources

The air we breathe carries dusts and pollution. The foods we eat are tainted with chemical preservatives and even natural toxins (oxalic acid in cabbages, for example). The water we drink contains germ-killing chemicals that are harmful to our body, as well. Even the medicines we take to cure diseases are toxic. These are just external sources.

Internal Sources

There are internal sources, too. They come as by-products of our body’s metabolism and as toxic hormones produced by negative emotions. Both contribute to our body’s pollution, and need to be flushed out, as well.

The Natural Consequences of a Toxic Body

Otherwise, toxicity builds up over a period of time, and causes most of our diseases in later years. The more years we spend in this life, the more toxins we accumulate that strike us as diseases as we grow older.

Baby Purity vs. Adult Toxicity

Compare the body of a baby to that of an adult. The baby does not suffer from the diseases that occur during adulthood.

During his lifetime, an adult accumulates toxins over time due to unhealthy lifestyle. The baby does not have enough time and bad habits to do this, not to mention the fact that his mother is careful about what she feeds him.

Therefore, most diseases in adulthood do not arrive only at the moment of occurrence. Conditions for their occurrences have been gradually laid down since younger years.

And when the adult gets sick, he goes to a physician, who prescribes him drug medicines. In most cases, these drugs only serve to RELIEVE symptoms. Unfortunately, as it does, it dumps in more toxin-laden chemicals into his system.

Prematurely Aging Adults

Premature aging is a natural consequence of a progressively toxic body. How an adult NORMALLY looks at a particular age is an appearance of premature aging. But that is not how he should NATURALLY look in a healthy state.

Normal is not natural. At age 50, a person normally looks 50. Under natural (healthy) conditions, how he normally looks at 50 should be how he should naturally look at 70.

If he dies at age 80 under normal conditions, he is dying a premature death. Under natural conditions, he should live until the age of 120. That is the age our bodies are created to last.

When the body is cleansed of its filthy contents, we regain our natural health, begin to look our real age, and may be able to extend our life beyond 100 years.

Detoxification through the Master Cleanse Program

Logically, the best way to CURE these conditions is to remove the cause. Remove the disease-causing toxins, and the body will be restored to its original youthful-looking, healthy state.

So, how do we remove these toxins? By a process of detoxification. The simplest, fastest, and most effective way is by using a natural method, lemonade diet in particular.

Lemon is a natural blood purifier and tissue cleanser. Its scouring power is so strong that its tart pungency requires its juice be diluted in purified water to neutralize its taste for more gratifying consumption.

The Master Cleanse Recipe

Here is a special lemon detox diet, called the Master Cleanse Recipe. It is basically lemonade, prepared by squeezing lemon juice on filtered water and flavoring it with maple syrup and ground cayenne pepper.

The exact recipe and instructions for taking it are presented this in website under the section, entitled The Master Cleanse Recipe – How to Make the Lemonade. Scroll down a little after the opening video, and you will find it.

The Master Cleanse Program is very effective detoxifier. To undertake it without proper guidance, however, is to invite program failure.

The Benefits of the Master Cleanse Program

Though most people do the master cleanse to lose weight quickly, flushing out the system is what it is really designed to do. This brings innumerable health benefits, of which weight loss is only one.

A Clean Body Is a Healthy Body

When you flush out your body with master cleanse, the waste materials you eliminate may shock you. You may find the smell, color, and texture repulsive, depending on the amount and quality of filth you are expelling from your body.

Be happy. This only shows that the master cleanse is working effectively to eliminate putrid internal wastes from your body. After this, you will experience joyful energy and vibrant health.

A Healthy Body Is a Beautiful Body

As a consequence, you also enjoy a beautiful body that comes in the following forms:

  • a youthful look: from a stressless feeling due to the elimination of toxic burdens,
  • a well-proportioned physique: from its weight loss effect, and
  • a glowing complexion: from cleaner blood and tissues.

Let the Master Cleanse Program Be Your Regular Detoxification Method

Most people will not take action when they do not feel anything wrong with their health. Their unhealthy lifestyles build up harmful chemicals in their bodies, and eventually lead to the breakdown of health. They wait until they experience symptoms of inefficient metabolism, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, and impaired immune function.

Prevention should be the number one rule in maintaining health. Internal body pollution is something we may not be able to totally avoid, but we can manage it through regular detoxification.

Make detoxification a regular health habit. If you want a simple, fast, and efficient way of doing it, try the master cleanse program.

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