TRUE LOVE …That Is All We Came Here For – Nothing Else

by Percival J. Meris on February 14, 2011

true love

True Love

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T HE UNIVERSAL SHORTFALL IN THE MEASURE OF TRUE LOVE AMONG HUMANS has been key factor in the chronic recurrences of man’s personal and social miseries. True love conquers all. When true love exists, human miseries simply dissipate.

True Love: What It Is and What It Is Not

In the context of this article, we will understand the term “true love” as an act of the will in wishing for the good of other persons, be they friends or enemies. It is the self-giving type of love that aims to attain that which is good for another without expecting anything in return.

By nature, we humans are primarily motivated by selfish love. When our own interest is threatened, we tend to commit self-serving acts that give rise to some forms of unconcern or even injustice.

While the instinct of self-preservation, from which this motivation arises, is as compelling among all living creatures as the urge to breathe, man, by virtue of his spiritual ascendancy over other animals, is beholden to transcend this lowly natural inclination in favor of more sublime values.

Love Orientations

The universal force called love can create or destroy, depending on its basic orientation. There are only two basic orientations of love: orientation towards self and orientation towards others. When proper balance is maintained, true love takes place.

Human miseries arise when love of self outweighs love of others. On the other hand, preponderance of love of others over love of self produces a virulent strain of valor that infects the heart with susceptibility to commit the ultimate selfless sacrifice of heroism or martyrdom for the sake of another.

LOVE: God’s Greatest Commandment

People raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition know that God handed to man through Moses at Mt. Sinai His Ten Commandments. All the ten speak only of one virtue: LOVE.

    Love of God: There is only one unpretentious way of loving an invisible God – love your fellow men. It is hypocritical to profess love of God, when love of fellow men is merely hypothetical.

    Love of fellow men: Your fellow men exist for you to love, as much as you exist for them to love. Loving one another gives you opportunity to transform into loving souls.

    Love of self: You owe it to yourself and to others to love yourself, as well. By loving yourself, you maintain a quality of existence that enhances your ability to love your fellow men.

TRUE LOVE: Purpose of Life on Earth

Out of His Infinite Love and in partnership with our parents acting in love, our Creator sent us to this world to fulfill a life purpose. In a previous article I wrote about our life purpose on earth, I suggested the following ideas:

  • God created us.
  • We re-create ourselves.

Who are we, and how do we re-create ourselves?

We are spirits, created by God in His own image. Our life purpose is to re-create spirit (us) into soul (spirit, characterized).

What character of soul do we re-create spirit into?

God created us out of love. So out of love should we re-create ourselves. If He created us in His image, we should re-create ourselves in His image. God is Love. So should we be love.

This means that soul (we) should be a personification of love, just as God is. In God’s acts, He pours His Love for us. In our actions, we pour our love for others.

Fulfillment of God’s Commandments Is Fulfillment of Our Life Purpose

If Love is God’s greatest commandment, LOVE must be the sole purpose of our life on earth. All other purposes are mere subsumptions. This simply means that everything we do, we do in the name of love.

Blossoming into a loving soul gives us great fulfillment, for this is the purpose for which we live our lives on earth. When the flower shall have fully blossomed, the soul is awarded a passport to the Eternal City of Love (Heaven).

True Love’s Greatest Challenge

Blossoming into a loving soul is not easy. The process is a battle experience between love of self and love of others. When compelled to make a choice, the temptation to love ourselves more can sometimes be overpowering.

By surmounting this temptation, we are strengthened, and the love quality we etch into the soul becomes an integral part of our own character.

That is the purpose of our lives: to be exposed to these opportunities to develop into loving spirits in the likeness of God.

Do You Fill the World with Love?

Joyfully, we came into this world because of love. Love – true love – is all we came here for.

During our entire lifetime, all thoughts and acts of ours should be actuated by true love. The happiest people in the world are those who devote their lives to loving others.

Gloriously, because of love do a few of us leave this world. These people are loved in return, and are remembered in the hearts of everyone whose lives they have touched. They are the heroes and the martyrs of the generations that follow.

Love: it is the whole meaning of our lives. Nothing else …just true love.

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