Love Is Finding Someone You Can Live Without.

by Percival J. Meris on August 28, 2010

Love Without the Love

Love Photo Model: Mary Frances Therese G. Meris


A very romantic statement.

But I beg to disagree.

Lucky is the person you love, but woe to you who love.  She is flattered …you are shattered.

What Happens When You Love Someone You Can’t Live Without

You lose your independence, simply because your happiness entirely depends on her.  You become an addict to her.  She becomes indispensable in your life.  So, you are weakened.  When she disappears, you get devastated.  Eventually, you die.

If can’t live without her, it would have been better if you never met her.  She has just succeeded, though unwittingly, in making a disaster out of you.

What Does Loving Someone You Can’t Live Without Imply?

Loving someone you can’t live without only suggests selfish love.  You show that you love yourself more than you love that someone. You become a parasite, feeding on her blood, not sunshine that nurtures the plant.

If you are too emotionally attached, separation causes severe pain of detachment.  Emotional attachment is not synonymous to love.  If you truly love, you can let go.

Love Is Finding Someone You Can Live With.

When you choose someone to love, find someone you can live with.  This means that despite all her faults, you can still accept her for what she is.  You do not seek to be pleased by her good qualities, but rather find joy in caring about her happiness.

Realize that we are all human beings with a host of imperfections.  These imperfections are what make life interesting.  Perfection is for the angels above the clouds, and is fatally boring to human beings on earth.

Initially, we are attracted to one another by qualities that please.  In the long run, true colors appear.  Be ready to accept, when this time comes.  Otherwise, disappointment creeps in, and consigns you to a perpetual state of chronic discontent.

Love Is Finding Someone You Can Live Without

If your love has to go, set her free.  Do not shackle her in the prison of your heart.  If her decision to go is to find happiness somewhere else, then you who love must find happiness in her happiness.

Since you are not addicted to her, you can still continue living without her, happy in the thought that the person you love has found her happiness.

Parting Words on Love

He who truly loves is happy.  A true lover wishes nothing short of the happiness of the person he loves.  He finds happiness in finding her love has found happiness.

But a person who loves himself more than he loves another is fooled by a false sense of happiness.  He often suffers disappointment, whenever her love cannot satisfy his personal needs.

My message is simple, but true.  Yet, many people do not realize and understand this.  That is why there is a lot of jealousy and undue emotional attachment in a relationship.

This message has to be repeated over and over again by different writers of essays on the meaning of true love.


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SteveScottSite September 3, 2010 at 8:57 pm

I have always heard the “finding someone you can’t live without” quote and believed it to be true. Your post actually makes great sense and I think I have to revise my stance on that.

What you say about real depth for feeling NOT wanting to tie your significant other down makes great sense.

Percival J. Meris September 4, 2010 at 4:31 am

Hi, Steve.

I am so glad you dropped by to leave your comment. Thank you for seeing my point. Sometimes, I think of myself as someone who thinks differently from most of us. You agreement with me somehow gave me some assurance that I may be right with my ideas after all.


Sibyl-alternaview September 12, 2010 at 2:15 pm

Percival: Great point and insights you have here. I do think it is important to define “love” in the right way and I also agree with you that a person who really loves someone, wishes the best for that person, despite what may mean for them personally. Really great wisdom you shared here. Thanks for passing it along.

Percival J. Meris September 13, 2010 at 12:24 am

Hi, Sibyl. Thanks for your comment. If people will only learn the true meaning of love and live up to it, there will be great peace in the family, in society, and in the whole world. Many times, people think of love as an emotion that please. Love goes beyond that. The true test of love is one is willing to make sacrifices for his loved one.

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