Life after Death: How Do You Prepare for It?

by Percival J. Meris on September 20, 2010

life after death

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IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH? No one has ever come back from the dead to tell the living what it is like. Nobody has yet presented verifiable facts to prove the certainty of life after death. The only scientific accounts available are testimonies of people who have undergone near-death experiences.

In the absence of verifiable evidences, we take position on this basic question based on what we find as most plausible philosophical reasoning. If you do not believe in life after death, I hope my personal views here will shed some light on your skepticism.

If You Don’t Believe There Is Life After Death…

If you don’t believe there is life after death, then how much do you consider yourself to be worth? Seventy-five years? A hundred? Or, whatever number of years you lived on earth? Is that all that you are worth?

Our life on earth is relatively very short. To limit ourselves only with the concerns of earthly life is a very myopic approach to our existence. Earthly concerns last only a lifetime, and become useless and irrelevant in life after death.

Life Before Death vs. Life After Death

We are spirit. Spirit is not alive. It is life itself. What becomes alive is the body, when the spirit inhabits and animates it.

At death, we the spirit (life) leave our material body. The once-animated body now becomes inanimate. What dies is our body, not we. We cannot die because we are life itself.

Life is energy. Energy can never be destroyed.

Life before death is we PLUS our body. Life after death is we MINUS our body.

Who Are We in Life after Death?

Who we are in life after death is our state of soul at the time of death. Our state of soul is what we made of ourselves during earthly lifetime. It is the character we formed our soul into. Whatever it is will persist to be we after death. If we were good or evil before death, then we would continue to be so after death.

We create our own heaven or hell. Heaven or hell is a state of soul, not a place above the clouds or a lake of fire down under to go to as destination after death. The good create their heaven; the evil create their hell.

For some religions, death is a dead end. The spirit proceeds to heaven or hell or purgatory as destination.

For me, death is merely a destruction of the vital functions of the body that the spirit can inhabit it no longer. If the spirit has to resume a corporeal life to continue learning what it failed to learn in earthly life, it seeks other bodies to inhabit. This is reincarnation.

How Do We Prepare for Life after Death?

The only way to prepare for life after death is to live our earthly life according to our life purpose. We are here primarily to use life’s circumstances to form a strong and beautiful character for our souls.

Earth is not a vacation resort; it is a training ground, on which to mold and strengthen our spirits for the afterlife. Enjoyment of life after death is the result of a spirit, beautified and strengthened by sacrifices on earth.

Death should be a celebration in much the same way as college graduation is something to celebrate about. While birth is a joyful event, death should be a glorious one. We make it so by living a kind of life on earth that brings glory to the end of our lives.

An Afterword about Life after Death

When my father died in 1995, I wanted to know where he went to. I read the book Life after Life by Raymond Moody to satisfy my curiosity. I was then first exposed to the concept of NDE or near-death experience.

It stimulated my interest in the subject of life after death that I got hold of other similar books, the most touching of which was Embraced by the Light. Then, my sister Grace gave me another book: Life before Life. These books changed my concept of life beyond this earthly life.

Catechism taught me that after death we go to heaven, hell, or purgatory. But I find the Hindu and Buddhist concepts of reincarnation more plausible. Knowing God in His Immense Goodness, Love, and Mercy make me believe that He will not allow any person to suffer, as punishment for sins committed on earth, the everlasting fires of Hell.

Instead, He will give him a chance to relearn the lessons he failed to learn in previous life, when he returns to earth through rebirth. The only punishment (self-punishment, actually) for his failure to learn is that he cannot leave the cycle of birth and rebirth, until final learning takes place.

This is quite a touchy subject, and I expect a lot of you to disagree with me on many points. Feel free to write your comments below. What I expressed here are just my own personal views on life after death.


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Yangfengsin September 24, 2010 at 8:17 am

I agree to a certain extent that life and life cycles whether animate or inanimate continue to evolve. There may not be something like ‘spiritual evolution’ but the whole process of ‘life or lifespan’ is, as you cited in the concept of reincarnation, is merely ‘purification’. Energy is purified and transformed. In like manner, in my opinion, all religions, all systems will like follow this ‘natural/god-given’ process.

Percival J. Meris September 24, 2010 at 8:40 am

Hi, Yangfensin.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. I like what you said about reincarnation being a “purification”, that energy is purified and transformed. We are reborn to give us a chance to become a soul, better than what we were in previous life.

Thanks for enriching the article with your insights about life after death. It does other readers the benefit of seeing this principle from another perspective.


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