Let Optimism and Positive Thinking Glide You Towards Success

by Percival J. Meris on July 17, 2009

Optimism and Positive-Mindedness

MANY PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHO THEIR WORST ENEMIES REALLY ARE. For them, it is always the other person. Little do they realize that as they allow negative feelings to creep in and block their way towards their goals, they turn themselves into their worst enemies.

Let us say someone is excitedly presenting a new opportunity to you, and you react with a negative statement about its possible outcome. You have just created a monster, who will destroy your happiness and impede your progress towards success.

Or perhaps, you let anger cloud your judgment, simply because you take things personally. In your mind, it is as though it is but natural for anyone to get upset at a situation and start a verbal squabble even over a petty issue. What you may not realize is that by doing so you create more barriers to the resolution of the disagreement.

Unlike the negative people who tend to emotionally react at a situation, positive people accepts events as they happen, knowing that the challenges they bring they can quickly and easily surmount.

Let us take the case of two customers with diametrically opposite emotional outlooks. Both have been experiencing difficulties in installing a piece of software. They bring their concerns to the technical support service over the phone

The positive-minded person feels confident that his concerns will be resolved in due time. He cheerfully explains the nature of his problem, and cooperates with the staff to correct it. The problem is resolved in ten minutes.

Frustrated and indignant, the other customer greets the staff on the other side of the phone with his belligerent tirade about the quality of the product. The support staff, while attempting to help the customer, becomes frustrated at the customer’s non-cooperation in providing the needed information.

The negative customer escalates the problem to the supervisor with whom the tirade continues. Escalation continues from one higher supervisor to another. The whole incident lasts for almost an hour, but ends up with no resolution in sight. He now threatens to file legal complaints. The result: no software installed.

Optimistic people do not worry about problems. They know and accept that these things happen as a normal part of life. They understand that there is always a solution. They are confident that things are going to work out as they expect, if not even better. Their only goal is to bring the problem to its quickest resolution.

Do you see now why optimistic people have far greater chances at success in their personal and professional lives than their pessimistic counterparts?


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