Juice Fast Detox: Delectable Internal Body Cleansing and Weight Loss

by Percival J. Meris on June 20, 2010

Fruit Juice

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ORDINARILY, A PERSON WOULD PRACTICE HYGIENE BY CLEANING HIS BODY. But his practice would only consist mostly of body washing, teeth brushing, bowel movement, and urination.

What he does not realize is that his body is far dirtier than he thinks. If you take a look inside his body, what you will see is filth, which he has accumulated through the years from external and internal sources. Therefore, the older he grows, the more the accumulation.

It is filth that makes us sick. It clogs our system, produces toxins inside our bodies, and serves as breeding ground for pathogens. To get rid of it, we need to detoxify. Many people do not know how to detoxify. This article will show how.

Fasting for Detoxification …and Weight Loss Also

There are various forms of detoxification, of which fasting is one. Fasting is the complete or partial abstinence from food for a period of time. Complete abstinence either requires absolutely no solid and liquid intakes or allows water intake only. Milder forms consist of restrictive diets, like taking only fruits.

During fast, the body with no outside food source consumes what is inside. First to go are the garbages – ingested impurities and unassimilated foods, stored in the tissues as stubborn cellulites. Then, the excess fats. That is why fasting is one good weight loss treatment option. The over-all result: a clean, lean, and healthy physique.

Advantages and Benefits of Juice Fasting

The most delightful form of fasting is juice fasting. Unlike other forms, it does not deprive the body of nutrients. It cleanses the system, as it nourishes it.

Unlike fruit fasting in particular, juice does not have to be digested. Sparing the system from digestive work gives the body physiological rest, and uses the energy conserved to eliminate toxins from the body.

A host of benefits can be derived from juice fasting. The most tangible of these are detoxification and weight loss.

My blogger-friend S. Ali Myers expounds on some more of these benefits, both physical and spiritual, in his article 10 Ways Juice Fasting Could Benefit You. Read his article for a more extensive treatment of this topic.

How to Prepare Juices for Fasting

Use a juice extractor to get the juice out of FRESH, RAW fruits and vegetables. Drink it in its purest form, no water or flavoring added. However, strong-tasting ones, like lemons, may be diluted with water.

This procedure ensures the preservation of the foods’ alkalinity for compatibility with our blood’s chemistry. It also excludes flavoring ingredients, like honey, that need to undergo digestion.

General Fasting Procedure

A certain procedure must be strictly followed when fasting. Otherwise, fasting may do more harm than good to one’s health.

Before the Fast

Take a vegetarian diet. This will condition your body to assume the diet demands of fasting.

During the Fast

Expect the feeling of hunger in the first three days. This is just the stomach’s reaction to the absence of food in the stomach. You can take as much juices as you want to satisfy your hunger. Just remember to exclude other forms of food.

You may do light physical work, but refrain from heavy ones. Leisure walking is the recommended form of exercise. Rest, whenever opportunity presents itself.

After the Fast

There are certain physical indications you must pay attention to as signs to break the fast. It is dangerous to ignore them.

Watch out for the return of hunger feeling. Also, observe your tongue. During fast, the tongue turns white, indicative of the body’s toxicity level. When the tongue turns pink OR when hunger feeling (true hunger) returns, it is time to break the fast

The breaking of the fast is a gradual return to eating solid foods. The first solid foods to take are juicy fruits. Then, shift to vegetables later on. Eating banana, a non-juicy fruit, will help sweep away food residues loosened during the fast.

How long should the breaking period be? It depends on the duration of the fast.

Side-Effects and Contraindications

Those whose bodies are in highly toxic state may experience some unpleasant feelings during the fast. This is a sign that toxins are being dislodged from the tissues and released into the blood stream for elimination from the body. Many, however, will not experience this.

Not everybody, by their existing physical condition, may fast. For example, pregnant women and those with wasting disease, like tuberculosis, are prohibited from fasting.


For the inexperienced, it is best to fast under the supervision of a competent professional. I hesitate to give detailed procedural instructions within the scope of this essay, as this article is meant to merely introduce rather than prescribe.

When you fast, you should understand its ins and outs. In the absence of such professional, you can obtain this understanding from a well-authored book on this subject.

There are many books written on this subject. If you want immediate information on the available titles, let me mention Juice Fasting and Detoxification. Another is Breakthrough Juice Fasting.

Enjoy juice fasting. Hunger is not a consequence of this type of fasting. You can take as much of that delicious juice as it satisfies your craving for food. That is why S. Ali Myers calls this juice feasting.


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Sibyl-alternaview June 20, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Percival: Interesting post. I have never been one to actually be able to fast. However, I think the information that you share in this post is helpful. I do agree that from time to time we need to cleanse out our body. Perhaps it is all about perspective like you and S. Ali suggested … it isn't fasting, but rather juice feasting 🙂 Interesting post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Ali (Soulful Body & Mind) June 20, 2010 at 1:12 pm

Good job my friend!

Another awareness-raising article on juice fasting. I'm still surprised by how little information there is on this cheap, healthy, beneficial practice.

Juice fasting truly is remarkable. There is no pill or drug that can emulate the results that it provides. From weight loss to curing diseases – it is amazing!

Percival, you did your readers good by posting this. I do want to echo what you wrote about being hungry for three days. You will be hungry at first (1-3 days) but you will no longer be hungry after that. Your body is genius and it will FULLY ACCEPT THE FAST. Any hunger after the initial phase is just a manifestation of your programmed diet (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks). Your body is not really hungry just reacting off training.

Once again Percival, good job!

– Ali

sirpercy June 20, 2010 at 1:35 pm

Sibyl and Ali, thanks for dropping by and leaving me your comments.

You are right, Ali, there is not much awareness given this practice. The medical professional may soon go out of business when people discover its amazing benefits.

Sibyl, now that you know about this practice, it is time for you to try it. Start with one-day fasting just to experience the delight of being on a delicious fruit juice diet. As you become aware of the experience, you can increase the number of days gradually. With improved health, you may even regain your youthful appearance.

steveborgman June 25, 2010 at 5:42 pm

Like the suggestions! I have gone through periods of juicing with a juicer. Pure nutrition! Why did I ever get away from it? Time to get re-started 🙂

sirpercy June 25, 2010 at 8:38 pm

Nice to see you back, Steve.

It has been said that if you are a serious health fanatic, buy yourself a juicer. It really is worth the investment. Your body is made up of food. So, if you want a high-quality body, put in only high-quality materials.

It is really time to get restarted, Steve.

Gloria @ Honey Extractors May 11, 2011 at 4:45 pm

This is the truth! The only way to purely remove toxins out from your body is by natural and healthy way. Not only fresh fruits but organic vegetables too help purify the body.
Gloria @ Honey Extractors recently posted..Second Hand Beekeeping Equipment – Buying Guide

Percival J. Meris May 12, 2011 at 9:36 pm

Hi, Gloria.

Nice to have you around.

Detoxification is all the more necessary as we advance in age, because time has permitted us to accumulate these toxins. I agree with you when you say that natural is best. Fruits and vegetables not only nourish but cleanse, as well.

Thanks for stopping by.
Percival J. Meris recently posted..HOW TO GET SLEEP- Natural Sleep Made Simple Tips to Cure Insomnia

Titus Hauer September 18, 2019 at 2:23 pm

Excellent post.

One thing I have noticed about certain sites is that, even though they have tons of content, the site looks great and the headlines are eye catching is that the material is simply filler. It’s downright unreadable. You can forget it 6 seconds after you read it. Not the case with your post though, really enjoyed it reading it and it held my attention all the way through! Keep it up.

Kelly October 3, 2019 at 5:13 pm

Nice article on natural body detox. I would surely like to know more about it.

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