Increase Personal Productivity through Systematic Task Management

by Percival J. Meris on July 15, 2009

Personal Productivity through Task Management

HAVE YOU UNDERTAKEN A LARGE PROJECT AND GOTTEN OVERWHELMED at its considerable time and effort requirements? Large-scale project management can indeed be challenging, even for the seasoned who have had so much experience in it. What if you had three, four, or even five of these simultaneously in your hands, wouldn’t you consider even the mere thought of it as staggering?

And yet why do some people perform them exceptionally well? While they may not necessarily be more hardworking or intelligent than you, they accept the challenge that you would normally shy away from. Why? They understand and practice systematic task management.

How Task Management Works

Any project, no matter how large, can be divided into smaller tasks. Each task can further be subdivided into a fixed schedule. This allows you to work at it steadily and consistently over a number of days or weeks. It is even possible to work on a number of tasks at the same by spending a relatively small amount of time on each. The completion of each individual task contributes to the completion of the entire project. This procedure will enable you to manage the project easily and complete it within a short period of time.

While you must be diligent and consistent in the performance of task management, you must be flexible too. A task may have to be discontinued for a while due to the rise of some unexpected issues. On other occasions, working on a task may have to be suspended, pending the completion of another task on which it is dependent. With flexibility, the project can continue as you explore options to resolve them.

To be proficient in project management, make some progress in one or more tasks each day. For each task, spend at least 15 minutes a day, varying in duration depending on the nature of the task itself.

Benefits of Task Management

This is why it is possible to take on multiple projects at the same time and not be stressed over the workload. When you take on several small tasks simultaneously, you break the monotony caused by working on a single project at a time. This also allows you to leave a particular task while doing another and return to it later with a fresh perspective.

So, by applying task management techniques, you can avoid getting frustrated and stressed with your work. More importantly, task management will increase personal productivity to a considerable degree.


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