Improving Your Ability to Focus and Concentrate

by Percival J. Meris on July 31, 2009

In Deep Concentration

BEING ABLE TO CONCENTRATE ON A GIVEN TASK is a necessary condition for its successful execution and accomplishment. Yet, many people find it very difficult to concentrate. You may find that you just couldn’t see through your work because of various factors. Any of the following could affect your ability to concentrate: the surrounding noises, your state of health, your level of confidence, not conducive work environment, or the outside factors that force you to direct your attention elsewhere. Without this ability to focus your mind, you just don’t get anything done.

Benefits of Concentration

The benefits of learning how to concentrate do not only apply to your work, but cross all the boundaries between your physical, mental, and spiritual self, as well. In general, concentration provides the vehicle on your journey towards successful achievement of your goals. It keeps you steadily on the right track, despite distractions from less important and irrelevant concerns. With greater ability to accomplish your goals, you move forward in life and more easily and speedily.

In particular, on the physical level it allows you to complete the tasks that you set out to do. On a higher plane, it gives you the ability to create the life you desire, since what you focus on is what you attract into your life. Most importantly, it enhances your creativity on a higher and more spiritual level, as it attunes you with the infinite.

The Nature of Concentration

Understanding the nature of concentration is the first step in gaining control over your “focus of attention”. Concentration is characterized by scope, direction, intensity, and duration.

Your attention may be broad in scope with large amount of information from various sources being processed, or narrow with information limited in amount. It may be directed internally by filtering external events, or externally by attending to changing events around you in real time. Its execution may either be weak or intense, and brief in duration or sustained for a period of time. Selecting the most appropriate characteristic for your own purpose depends on the demands of a particular situation.

Developing Your Concentration Powers

The ability to mentally focus is a skill. Like all skills, it can be developed through consistent training and practice. Training on the skill of concentration involves using cognitive tasks that challenge your mind to focus and process information in specific ways. The more engaged your mind is, the more effective the training becomes. Any mental task just cannot be efficiently carried out without a sufficient amount of focus obtained from training.

    1. Mental exercises. As in physical training, your mind responds favorably to challenges. Choose a favorite mental game, like crossword puzzle or chess, to challenge the mind to concentrate on the task at hand. The more demanding it is of your focal attention, the better.

    2. Meditation. Meditation is a deliberate effort at harnessing your mental energy to focus your attention on a particular object or idea for a continuous period of time. By attempting to do this exercise once everyday, you will eventually be accustomed to giving all your attention on those that need your utmost concentration.

    If want an effortless way of meditating, put on a pair of headphones and listen to the Deep Zen Meditation audio. Not only it does help you develop deep concentration powers but bring about among other benefits physical relaxation and stress relief, emotional control, and peace of mind and happiness, as well.

If you want to succeed in whatever endeavor you undertake, the ability to concentrate is an absolute necessity. Training may be difficult at first, especially if your mind is a wildly run-away beast. Persistence and consistency, however, will bring its rewards in due time. For the many valuable benefits it will bring you, the ability to concentrate is one of the most important mental skills you should strive to develop in your life.


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