If You Are Short And Want to Grow Taller Naturally…

by Percival J. Meris on April 25, 2011

Grow Taller

grow taller

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GROW TALLER! That is what most women wish the short men they date would do. This is not just a conscious preference but a biological instinct, deeply ingrained in them since the hunting days of the cave man. Women are unconsciously attracted to physical qualities in men that impress them with his ability to protect and provide for her and the family later on.

In business, short people fall short of favor vis-à-vis their taller counterparts. Everything being equal, taller people are more favored in job applications and in business transactions. They leave better impressions than do short people.

Shatter Your Misconceptions about the Hopelessness of Post-Puberty Height Gain

It is a common belief that at a certain age, when growth plates have fused, people stop to grow taller and start to grow wider. There is a scientific basis for this belief. Without intervention, that is exactly what happens. However, there is a way by which we can outdo nature.

What Makes You to Grow Taller?

Genetics predetermine how tall you are going to be. Optimum growth beyond the limitation of genetic determinism, however, can be achieved through the stimulation of the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone (HDH). This is made possible with proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Abide by a healthy diet.

Growth deficiency is usually occasioned by nutritional deficiency, brought about by food shortage, improper food choices, or nutritional deficiency in food. Nutritionally deficient food can be boosted by over-the-counter high-potency nutritional supplements. Take in explicitly precise doses for best results.

Avoid unwholesome food, but aim for a macro-micro balance of nutrients in your diet, instead. Foods rich in protein, Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, and zinc are particularly promotive of height increase.

Drink plenty of water. Water facilitates the distribution and assimilation of nutrients in the body.

Do some stretching exercises.

As in balanced diet, get a balanced dose of exercises. Be sure to include in your regimen exercises for muscle toning, blood circulation, and stretching.

Stretching exercises in particular promote height increase. They induce the pituitary gland to secrete a copious amount of human growth hormone. Its secretion is triggered from lactate, catecholamines, acid-base balance, and especially nitric oxide.

Get plenty of sleep.

Stimulated by proper diet and suitable exercises, your body produces human growth hormone during sleep. Much of this hormone is released within the first 5 hours. The more sleep you get, the more HGH is released.

You can maximize the growth-inducing benefit of sleep by raising the foot area of your bed to about 4 inches off the floor. This will allow you to sleep with your head lower than your feet. Gravity will then pull in more blood to your brain, where the pituitary gland is located.

How It Works

Stretching exercises produce lactate, raising the body’s growth hormone level to trigger the increase in size of your bones, muscles, and tissues.

Its major effect is centered on the spine and legs, where the bulk of your height comes from. Since these are areas where you want growth to take place, stretching becomes all the more important in the height increase program.

The areas between the spine vertebrae and between the thigh and leg bones are filled with connecting cartilages. When you stretch, these cartilages loosen, allowing absorption of nutrients to make them grow thicker and the bones denser.

That is how you grow taller.

Advice and Recommendation

Go easy at first with your height-increasing exercises. The body must be conditioned and acclimatized to the work-out you are using to grow taller.

As earlier mentioned, stretching exercises are one of the most effective and natural ways to increase height. But you need to do the right stretches with the right techniques.

An entire program, too detailed and too specialized to include in this article, designed specifically for people who wish to grow taller is available online. Get yourself a copy of the Grow Taller Book, if you are interested. No article of limited length, such as this one, can ever do justice to a well-researched, scientifically-designed, and experience-validated grow-taller system, especially when it comes to the exercises.

If you are lacking in height, take my advice: do yourself a favor. Grow taller!

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