If You Are Getting Older and You Want to Look Younger…

by Percival J. Meris on October 3, 2010

Look Younger

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THIS ARTICLE IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING OLDER AND WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER. But if you are still young and want to look younger when you get older, then go ahead. Read on.

Getting old does make you look older, unfortunately. Fortunately, getting older does not have to make you look old. You can still do something to make you look younger than your actual age.

Start to Look Younger When Indications of Aging Appear

The face, in particular, is the first indicator of getting old – wrinkles, lines, and gray hair. I am not going to touch on them in this article. Their systems are complicated to implement as natural methods. Instead, I shall be dealing with a much easier approach – the rehabilitation of sagging facial muscles.

When it comes to muscle toning, the face in particular does not receive the kind of attention the rest of the body does. There are a lot of muscle-toning exercise systems for the entire body, but hardly for the face.

A Quick and Simple “Look Younger” Facial Exercise

Among the exercises for the face to look younger that I have come across in my quest for the fountain of youth, isometrics con mini-massage is the simplest, most effective, and least time-consuming. With isometric exercise, you don’t have to pull the skin of your face. You don’t even have to move a muscle.

The Procedure

Facial isometrics involves simultaneous tensing of a pair (left and right) of muscles on certain parts of your face for a few seconds. Notable areas are the muscles of the cheeks, chin, and jaws; those around the mouth and the eyes; and those under the chin and jaws.

As you tense these muscles, apply mini-massage on them with your finger in circular motion. Do this on muscles with underlying bone support. Lubricate the surface of your skin first, enough to make it a bit slippery. If you want you could a use facial scrubbing preparation at the same time to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells.

The Schedule

Choose a schedule to do this that is most convenient for you. Do this after washing your face. The face has to be clean to avoid pushing the microscopic impurities into your facial tissues through your pores.

You can do it while taking a bath, using the soap on your face as lubricant. Here, you enjoy absolute privacy. You can make faces without being conscious of being observed by others. It is that simple. No time wasted. The whole operation takes only about a minute or two.

The Benefits

The simultaneous application of isometrics and mini-massage are intended to tone facial muscles and stimulate blood circulation in the area. Your facial muscles firm up, and you reduce the fatty layer on your face. The face regains its healthy complexion and its natural contour according to its bone structure. In short, your natural youthful beauty reappears.

Take care that you don’t overdo it. The purpose is to tone – not waste – facial muscle and to stimulate blood circulation on the area. After the exercise, you should feel a pleasantly stimulating sensation on your face. This is the indication that the exercise went well.

To Further Look Younger, Care for the Rest of You

To make your look younger program more effective, you must take care of your whole body, as well. The face is just a part of it. Its health and beauty depends on the health and beauty of the whole body. And let us include the health and beauty of the mind, as well. You cannot take care of one part of your body in isolation of the rest of your entire person, body and soul.

In general, observe a well-balanced diet, choose a balanced exercise program most suited for your physique, give yourself enough rest and relaxation, maintain a clean body (inside and out), and always keep a positive mental attitude. A healthy body adds glow to your youthful face; a healthy mind adorns it with the sweetness of a smile.

If you neglect your general health, what good is your youthful face sitting on an aging body? Among aging ballerinas, the reverse is true. Their rigorous dancing discipline had developed their bodies so beautifully to the neglect of their faces. So, as they get older, their bodies remain youthful, as their faces continue to age.

Done right, this facial exercise should, as you get older, make you look younger.


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lovely October 6, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Thanks for sharing this article. Its good to look younger when you do it through exercising cause its more healthier than having help from technology.

Lastly, always keep the attitude of being happy always.
lovely recently posted..Josie Maran Argan Oil – Like ‘Liquid Gold’

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