How to Prepare for Your Retirement

by Percival J. Meris on April 7, 2009

HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW WHO HAVE RETIRED AND ARE NOT HAVING FUN FROM IT simply because he is either destitute or infirm? There are people, who during their productive years, worked too hard at the expense of their health and find themselves spending their lifetime fortunes for medicines and hospital bills upon retirement. I know of one person who received her retirement pension and lost all of it when the bank she deposited it in turned bankrupt. In this article, I will propose two ways by which you can prepare yourself for retirement from employment with a view of avoiding the scenarios described above.

Preparation for retirement should start when you are still young. The conditions a retiree finds himself in have been a result of the conditions he created for himself in youth. At the end of forty years of active life, a man deserves to enjoy freedom of time and financial independence during these last chapters of his life. If at retirement time, he is neither healthy nor wealthy, he stands to remain incapable of maximizing his enjoyment of it.

Prepare Yourself to be Healthy

Old age and infirmity do not have to go together like horse and carriage. A person can be chronologically advanced in age but blithefully youthful in mind and body. A state of infirmity or illness can deprive you of the enjoyment of this most liberating age in your life. At retirement, you must have left in you enough health of body and mind to enjoy this phase of your life to the fullest.

Health in old age is the result of healthful living during youth. Observance of health rules when you are young ensures a happy, healthy life at retirement age. Many people take maintenance medicines even as early as pre-retirement age. I have recently retired without having to take maintenance dosages to keep myself alive. Some people even expressed surprise at my retirement, thinking from the way I look I was not yet of age. Being healthy, I can enjoy life as a young person does, free from medical issues usually attendant to people of that age.

Prepare Yourself to be Wealthy

Employees who retire usually receive pensions that they can invest to establish themselves for the rest of their years. I believe that a retiree should not be totally dependent on whatever money he had gained from savings or pension. A strike of misfortune could simply wipe it out in its entirety. Tangible assets founded on this fund could as well go up in smoke in a few hours of fire, for example.

Instead, I believe a person should develop skills of making a living from a business that earns passive or residual income. A good example of this is book writing. Set and forget it. For as long as demand still exists, it continues to yield passive and residual income for him.

In my opinion, the best business for a retiree is internet marketing. It has many advantages over the traditional business that we know. For one, it does not require much investment. At the least, investment applies only to web hosting subscription, domain name purchase, and autoresponder service subscription, aside from the computer hardware purchase and internet access subscription. As a set-and-forget type of business, internet marketing gives you that luxury of time – time happily spent for other things you have always wanted to do, outside of earning a living.

Health and Wealth: Foundations of a Fulfilling Retirement

What good is retirement life if you have wealth without health, or health without wealth? That is to say what will you do with wealth if you cannot enjoy it? What good is your health is you cannot sustain it? It takes some measure of financial resources to maintain it, you know. Enjoy your retirement years with health to appreciate life and wealth to sustain this appreciation.

Let me qualify what I mean by wealth here. Wealth as used in this article does not mean accumulation of massive amounts of money or assets but merely having more than enough for your needs. Having assigned a portion to savings, the excess may be donated to worthwhile causes. This act gives you an opportunity to be of service to your fellow men. In your senior years, you should learn to find joy in giving, if you have not done so in your younger years. That is why for this purpose you should have resources beyond your needs.

Health and wealth open the door to greater heights of possibilities. There are a lot more that can be achieved, if you have these two. If you don’t agree, just observe a poor man or a sick man. To what extent is he able to accomplish things? To what extent is he able to contribute to his fellow men? Compare him to a rich, healthy man and his potentials.


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