How to Get That Job Promotion

by Percival J. Meris on March 1, 2009

WHEN YOU APPLY FOR A JOB, YOUR MAIN PURPOSE IS TO EARN MONEY. That is understandable. However, the moment you are hired and now performing your tasks, it is best for you to forget yourself and focus on serving the organization by giving full support to your immediate supervisor.

Your Main Job Is to Support Your Superior

Despite the details of your job description, everything boils down to your basic role of helping your supervisor achieve his corporate goals. This may mean performing tasks outside the purview of your job description. Your job descriptions are not hard and fast rules for you to follow. They are there as guidelines on how to achieve your goal of supporting your supervisor achieve his corporate goals.

This may also mean giving more time than what is agreed upon between you and your employer in the form of overtime work, whenever necessary for the organization and whenever possible for you. There are times when work beyond the regular expectation comes your way.

When At Work, Focus On Your Organization

You should not be concerned too much about your rights as an employee. This can be overdone at times. I have seen situations when employees, especially labor union members, too overly concerned about this. Yes, they perform their jobs to the letter of the employment contract, but only up to the extent that the contract expects of them.

What is important is for you to feel ownership of the problems and concerns of the organization you work for. The simplest way to do this is to be very supportive of the corporate goals of your supervisor.

Following this admonition, this in turn should be the attitude of your supervisor to his own supervisor. And your supervisor’s supervisor to his own supervisor. And onwards to the highest supervisor of all, the president of the organization. The president, being the highest position in the organization and having no supervisor of his own, now has for his corporate goal the achievement of the goals of his organization.

This Is How Promotion Takes Place

When you give your full support to your supervisor, he is able to achieve what he is expected to achieve, and becomes effective in the eyes of his own superiors. And he gets promoted because of this. Why? Because by his effectiveness he makes his own supervisor effective, as well. And he too gets promoted, leaving his position vacant for your supervisor to fill up.

Now, guess who will fill the position your supervisor just vacated. He who has the necessary qualifications, who has best supported him, of course. Why? Because he has shown his efficiency and effectiveness, as well. Could this be you?

In the words of L. S. Hamaker, a sales manager: “Always remember that the soundest way to progress in any organization is to help the man ahead of you to get promoted.”


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