How to Earn Extra Income with Your Home Computer

by Percival J. Meris on February 14, 2010

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NOWADAYS, IT IS NO LONGER ADVISABLE TO RELY ON ONLY ONE INCOME SOURCE. Income earned from a single source is becoming hardly sufficient to cover expenses for a comfortable family life. Even if sufficient, a single-source income may dry up someday or weaken in purchasing power due to inflation. When this happens, you do not have another source to fall back on.

This gives rise to the importance of opening up an extra income channel to augment your present income and provide a backup to fall back upon. Do not choose another employment job but one you can conduct as a home business, using a computer with an internet connection.

Online Home Business Benefits

As an extra income source, a home business allows you to keep your current job, while you enjoy security as your fear of unemployment vanishes. Unlike in employment, limitations of earnings do not exist here.

Home is not the only place in which you can work. Bring along your laptop with you, and continue your work wherever you go: a restaurant, a library, the beach, or even a foreign country.

Do you want to retire early from employment? Then, go full-time in this kind of occupation. From your home office, you are now able to balance work and family life more easily.

Being your own boss, you work at your convenience. Do whatever you want to do whenever you want to. Get up from bed at your own sweet time. There is no longer an office to hurry up to.

Online Home Business Options

There are three forms of online home business I will discuss in this article: data entry, affiliate advertising, and web content creation.

Data Entry

More and more organizations are beginning to outsource data entry and processing to individuals working at their home computers. The job consists of encoding words and/or graphics in a particular format into a computerized database or spreadsheet using special software. The more common forms of data entry jobs are the traditional, the research, and the transcription services.

1. Traditional

Here you bid on jobs you are willing to perform. The outsourcing company then sends you data entry assignments directly to your email. You key in the materials at home, and submit the finished product back to the company. This arrangement greatly reduces the company’s demand for in-office data entry keyers.

2. Research

You participate in the studies by means of online surveys or focus groups. For market research surveys, the company will send you an online questionnaire. You receive this via e-mail, or access it from your online account. For focus group studies, you get invites by email, phone, or both. In both cases, you type your responses to the study, using the company’s special online form.

3. Transcription

Your job here is to convert spoken words, handwriting, or a photograph of text into pure written language. You access files for transcription by downloading them from the server of the company. These materials are the products of researches, conference recordings, focus groups, and oral interviews in different fields, recorded digitally or on tape.

To succeed, you must first learn how to make a full-time income doing transcription work from home, working only part-time hours.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising provides internet marketing services for companies dealing in digital delivery of products (ebooks or softwares) to online customers. You formulate and type very short advertisements (4 – 5 lines of text) for their products, and post it to the search engines and classified ads directories on the internet.

You do not need to own a website to do this, unless you want to. You never have to do any follow-up, answer any e-mails, or deal with any customer, as this is taken care of by the company.

You will receive a special affiliate promotion link to track you back to the company for payment purposes. The manner of payment depends on the form of advertising you use: pay-per-action or pay-per-lead.

In pay-per-action, you are paid 50-75% commission when the website visitor purchases the product you advertise. In pay-per-lead, the visitor need not purchase a product. All he needs to do is sign up for a newsletter or a free trial, and you get paid from $1-$10 per lead.

Web Content Creation

There are companies that are constantly looking for fresh contents for their websites, and will pay you for articles, blog posts, or stories you write for them. What is the importance of fresh contents to them?

Fresh contents help search engines in deciding to rank their website on the internet. They also attract to their sites visitors, interested in reading the articles. Once there, they would hopefully click on advertising links that will earn commissions for the website owner.

As website content creator, you get your income from website owners who

  1. buy your articles for publication on their sites, or
  2. pay you for posting responses for them to online forums.

As a website owner, you earn with the content you produce for your site from:

  1. The Google Adsense Program. Every time a visitor to your website click on the Google advertisements there, you get paid. He does not have to purchase or sign up for anything. Just click.
  2. Companies that will pay you to post their ads to your website or blog.
  3. Companies whose products you advertise on your site under an affiliate program. Commission earnings are paid when your visitors buy the product.

Make a search engine research for income opportunities on the options above. List a number of them down. Choose one, and learn everything you need to know about the business.

After a month or two, find out if you like doing the work and see the extra income you earn. If it does not suit your requirements, choose the second opportunity on the list.

For a comprehensive listing of companies that provide work-at-home jobs for you, click on the banner below:


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Grace Mukasa August 8, 2014 at 6:43 pm

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Thank you, Grace, for your kind comment.

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