How to Create Financial Abundance in Your Life

by Percival J. Meris on February 8, 2010

Financial Abundance

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WHY DOES 80% OF THE WORLD’S WEALTH BELONG ONLY TO THE 20% OF WORLD’S POPULATION? Why is the pursuit of money a main preoccupation of most of us? Why is it that wealthy people are not contented with the wealth that they possess, even if they possess wealth in excess of what they need?

Conditions such as these have created a general sense of scarcity among us, and led to unhappiness and misery for most people. Are money and wealth the main determinant of one’s happiness?

Understanding the Concepts of Money, Wealth, and Abundance

Money vs. Wealth

Wealth is anything people want to satisfy their needs and wants. They are produced in the form of goods and services, such as food, gadgets, tutelage, professional advice, etc. Wealth is what you want really, not money. You can have wealth without having money.

Money is not wealth. It is just a means to acquire wealth. Since money is the key to acquiring any form of wealth, earning it is what people work hard for.

In spite of what economists say, there is really no scarcity of wealth in the world. Why?
Because wealth is not a fixed asset, which you can deduct from and reduce the volume of. Wealth is reproducible, and therefore replenishable.

Trade the wealth you produce to earn money you need.

Wealth vs. Abundance

Possession of so much wealth does not mean existence of financial abundance. You may have so much wealth, and yet continue to experience a sense of scarcity. Conversely, you may not have wealth, and enjoy a sense of abundance.

Abundance is a state of being. They are feelings and experiences you want that financial abundance can give you. You do not want money or wealth. You want the feelings and experiences they can provide you. Therefore, if in spite of the existence of so much wealth and money you do not get these experiences, then you in a state of scarcity.

This happens when you always think of things you don’t have, instead of recognizing and being grateful for the many things that you have. So, while wealth helps in acquiring this sense of abundance, it does not guarantee its existence and enjoyment.

The Psychological Foundation of the Financial Abundance Concept

Abundance exists in the universe. You don’t attract it to yourself. You just have to access it. It is always there for the claiming. However, your thoughts about scarcity can prevent you from accessing it and from moving toward financial abundance.

Your thoughts and emotions produce certain vibrations, and these vibrations need to match the energy vibration of that which you want to access. Stop focusing on what you do not have, and be grateful for all that you have, instead.

Hold thoughts of financial abundance consistently in your mind. Believe you already have abundance – NOW.

If you see abundance as a future reality, instead of present, you believe you do not have abundance. Then, you attract the very situations and experiences into your life that are in alignment with your belief.

Become the person that would resonate the financial experience you choose to create. In your mind, picture yourself as that person feeling and experiencing financial abundance.

Make the other areas of your life consistent to the experience you are trying to visualize inside you. Therefore, your outer world must match with this inner picture. Rearrange your external environment in order to make it so.

Your money beliefs are the blueprint for your financial results. They dictate whether or not you are prosperous and financially abundant. Do your present money beliefs sabotage your efforts to access financial abundance? Do you entertain these limiting beliefs in your mind?

a) Money is the root of all evils.
b) Rich people are greedy and dishonest.
c) It is difficult to amass any kind of wealth.
d) I am not smart enough to be wealthy.

If your money beliefs are negative, the vibrational frequency you send out into the universe is negative. Whatever energy vibration the universe has that is compatible with your current vibrational frequency will match your inner experience and eventually evolve as reality in your outer world. Therefore, if you believe you are not smart enough to be wealthy, then you will not be wealthy because you are not smart enough.

The link to the abundance you want to access is positive vibration produced by your gratitude to the many, albeit unrecognized, things you have been blessed with. Abundance will never take place in your life if you are not happy and ever grateful for whatever abundance you have right now.

Social Principle Underlying the Concept of Financial Abundance

Give value, and you receive value. Give nothing, and you receive nothing. Produce something that people want. Offer it to them in exchange for money or other forms of wealth. That is the basic formula for acquiring wealth or earning money that you can in turn use to acquire the wealth that you need.

The formula is based simply on exchange of values. Your financial success is determined to a large extent by the type of exchange you choose. The type of exchange most people use is the fair exchange, in which value is traded for the very same exact amount of value – no more, no less.

On the other hand, unfair exchange takes place in two forms. Unscrupulous people shortchange the other party in the exchange process by delivering a value less than that exchanged for. This is partial exchange, commonly known as cheating. Still others do not deliver anything at all. Pure and simple, this is what is known to everybody as theft.

A few wise people, however, go beyond fair exchange and overdeliver. They have developed the habit of trading value for value and adding to the transaction a bonus of goods or services not covered by the exchange contract. Those who prosper in business the most are those who utilize this method of exchange. Customers are magnetized to them, and become their ever-loyal patrons.

The Practical Aspect of Creating Financial Abundance

What income figure would you want to earn? To achieve your financial goal, establish a definite date when you intend to possess the amount you desire. Then, prepare a definite action plan, and carry it out at the earliest possible opportunity.

Your success in achieving your financial goals does not consists of just making money. It is what you do with that money that is more important. Generate that income, save a portion of it, and make your savings grow.

To do this, budget your earnings in such a way that you are able to pay yourself first before assigning the rest of the amount for other payments and expenses. The money you pay yourself with constitutes your savings in the amount of at least 15 percent of after-tax income.

Then, find a way to maximize your financial resources. How? By contributing, for instance, enough funds to match your company’s contribution in a retirement plan. By minimizing your taxes through available tax credits. By buying the proper insurance to protect your financial resources. By infusing part of your savings in a secure investment portfolio.

Now, how do you intend to earn that amount of money? What do you intend to offer in return for it? To build true wealth, selling goods or services as an entrepreneur is the most productive way to create income. Choose something that you are passionate about, since it will be easier to excel at it, and succeed in your business. Be sure to apply the social principle discussed above.

The goods and services you intend to sell will have no value if no one knows about their existences. So, you must learn everything about basic marketing operations – promoting, networking, and selling.


In this article, you have learned that abundance is a state of mind. You also learned that you could produce wealth by creating something that other people want. When you offer it to them, you receive an equivalent value, usually in the form of money.

Money is not wealth, but a means to acquire the wealth you need. Achieving your financial goals is not just earning money but successfully managing your money.

Money and wealth are not the sole determinants of one’s sense of abundance. You can have both, and experience a sense of scarcity, or may have neither and yet experience a sense of abundance. Mental attitude plays an important role in this experience.



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steveborgman February 10, 2010 at 11:55 pm

It's great to see a new post up at the Site of Wisdom. Thanks for sharing some great foundational principles to follow. The belief I have had to battle is that money is the root of all evil. On the contrary: it is the “love” of money that is the root of evil. If I place my pursuit of money above the pursuit of God first, that's when it becomes a problem. If we can have a healthy view of money, strive to provide excellent service, and show prudence with our investing, we will create wealth as a by-product.

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