How to Choose the Right Work-at-Home Occupation for You

by Percival J. Meris on July 3, 2011

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A WORK-AT-HOME OCCUPATION IS AN IDEAL OPTION FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO EMPLOYMENT JOBS. These people include retirees, stay-at-home mothers, the unemployed, the underemployed, or those who simply hate being employees.

If you are considering working from home, there are two decision points you must make:

  • Is a work-at-home occupation right for you and your family?
  • What type of work-at-home job will you be doing?

This article will focus on the second question.

Work-at-Home Business Categories

There are many work-at-home opportunities out there. They can be categorized either as offline or online.

You might want to start off from where your out-of-home career ended. Or, you might simply want to undertake a change of career at this point in your life.

Offline Work-at-Home Business Options

  • Direct Selling: Associate yourself with a direct selling company as an independent distributor of their products. Sell to your relatives, friends, and neighbors, and earn commissions for every sale you make.
  • Retail Selling: You need some capital to build your store and stock it with inventory items. As a work-at-home business, this store is built as part of your residence or immediately right beside it.
  • Community Service: Examples of this are day care, florist, tutorial services, and others that can be run at home . This requires some degree of expertise in that service business. Experience and capital requirements will depend on the type of service. Some services do not require them at all.

Online Work-at-Home Business Options

  • Web Services: This includes types of jobs, like freelance web designer, writer, or virtual assistant.
  • Online Store: You can build online stores that sell products you create or products others have created, for which you have resale rights.
  • Affiliate Marketing: As an affiliate, you recommend products to your web visitors, and redirect them to the product owner’s website.
  • You do not have to do selling; that is the job of the product owner. Your job is to presell the product. You earn commission for every referral who buys through your recommendation.

    Visit websites, like,,, or, and apply as an affiliate. They have countless affiliate products for you to promote.

What Is the Right Work-at-Home Occupation for You?

To succeed in your chosen work-at-home job, you must first evaluate your personality and your skills, and then proceed to look for a job with requirements that match your assets.

If you are people-oriented, you may enjoy offline business options. If you are a loner and enjoy working by yourself, online options might be best suited for you.

Now, if you still cannot get out of your system the employee-attitude mentality, telecommuting may best for you. From the comfort of your home, you work for a company that is telecommute-friendly.

Recommended Readings on Work-at-Home Jobs

For readings packaged in electronic book form, you can download the following, and have them on your computer in a matter of seconds.

For physical books, choose one below, and click to gain access to learning the business. You can spin the titles around by clicking on one of the arrow buttons at the lower right-hand corner of the book carousel.

Don’t waste these opportunities. No need to spend your entire life jobless and without income. There are just so many work-at-home business ideas and opportunities to take advantage of.

How to Start a Home Based Business
Kathy Murdock describes the things you need to consider when starting a home based business. See more videos and how-to business information at

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