How to Be a Likeable Person

by Percival J. Meris on May 23, 2010

Likeable Persons

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WE ALL WANT TO BE LIKED, BUT SOMETIMES WE DO NOT EXERT ENOUGH effort to make this happen. However, when we need something from someone, we behave in such a way that we become likable. So, we do know really what it takes to be liked. But being liked is not as important to some people as the way they find it convenient to behave as they do.

When People Dislike You…

When people dislike you, you do them disservice. Their dislike of you is a negative reaction that causes diminution of their over-all happiness supply.

You do yourself disservice, as well. We are social animals, who need to interact positively with our fellow human beings. We depend on one another for our needs. When you are unlikeable, you are often denied access to others’ support and assistance.

You Can Learn to Be Truly Likeable

You can learn to be likeable. But you have to want it. The first step is to know your attributes that cause people to dislike you.

There are some attributes that you cannot do anything much about. Your natural physical appearance, for example. But this is not as important as your character, which matters most and which you can do something about.

How to Be Likeable

What attributes must you develop to become likeable?

  1. Be beautiful. Is it not easier to like a beautiful person? People will like you for your beauty, even without effort on your part.
  2. But take a beautiful person, whose character stinks. Would physical beauty still matter?

    True beauty is spiritual. If you have inner beauty, people tend to ignore the ugliness of your physical form. They will love you for the true beauty that you are.

    Your inner beauty will radiate outwardly, and make your physical form beautiful to the eyes of people, as well. You face may be ugly, but your countenance will manifest your true inner beauty.

    It is the negativities of the spirit that makes you ugly, no matter how beautiful you are physically. Spiritual beauty endures. Physical beauty fades. This “beautiful” body will someday rot, and become food for worms.

    How do you become truly beautiful? Simple. The secret to having true beauty is to have a beautiful mind. A beautiful mind always keeps a positive outlook of life.

    Life is neither good nor bad. It is the way you look at it that makes it so. Instead of seeing it negatively, why not view it positively?

    When you have a positive outlook of life, you find beauty and happiness all around you. There is always a radiant smile on your face.

    Don’t you like people with such a smile on their faces? Isn’t that smile contagious, leaving you with the same feeling that caused that smile in the first place?

    A positive person is not a reactive person. He is proactive. He believes it is “better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” What problem it is to another person is seen as challenge or opportunity for him.

    Petty things do not bother him. His pride is not as important to him as what he believes his true worth is. Insult him, and he will respect your opinion.

    When you have a positive outlook of life, you exude a kind of confidence and goodness that beckons people closer.

    Don’t you find it easier to love such a beautiful person?

  3. Be loving. Remember the Golden Rule? “Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.” If you want other people to like you, like other people. No person in his right mind would ever dislike someone who gives him the privilege of being liked.
  4. When you sincerely like other people, you focus less on yourself and more on them. You find them important, and your actions will give this attitude away.

    You become a good listener, knowing that what they say is more important to what you will. You talk to them in terms of their own interests.

    How can people fail to like you?

  5. Be generous. You have made yourself lovable by becoming beautiful and loving. Now, it is time to lock your position.
  6. “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”

    The kind of generosity you will develop will not be a loud-sounding nothing. It is filled to the brim with one unselfish reason – love. If you are truly loving, then you should be truly giving.

    It may seem that you have nothing to give – no money, no material goods. But there is something you can always give – yourself. You can give yourself – your time, your attention, your sympathy, your presence, your love.

    If you have made the habit of giving, others will remember and miss you when you are not around. You have just made yourself kind of indispensable to them.

    Some people may tend to abuse your generosity. They can never succeed, unless you permit them to. Let them do it at their own risks. They will be the losers.

    Men have become heroes because of what they contributed to the betterment of society. You become your friends’ hero because of what you give for the betterment of their lives.

    Let not your contributions come from an empty heart. Let them be an overflowing of your love. This means that you give for the sole reason that you love and NOT that you are expecting something in return.

    Perhaps, it is more accurate to say that people will remember you not for what you have given them but for how much you have loved them.

Remember the Formula. It’s Simple, Really.

How to be a likeable person? The formula is simple: be beautiful, be loving, be generous.

Just answer this simple question: “How do you make people feel when you leave?” Do they say:

    “Good riddance!!!” or
    “Wish you didn’t have to go.”?


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