How Time Management Brings You Happiness

by Percival J. Meris on July 12, 2009

TO EXERCISE TIME MANAGEMENT, YOU SHOULD TAKE SOME TIME OUT FROM YOUR REGULAR DAILY ACTIVITIES to sit down and plan out how to spend time efficiently. Spending some time for this purpose is like spending money to make more money. This is called investment. So, you “waste” time, so to speak, to gain more time to be able to accomplish more things.

Many times, just looking at your list of things to do can be very overwhelming. There are just of lot of them to accomplish, and there seems to be not enough time to do them. This can be very demotivating. However, finishing the list using time management techniques could become a breeze.

How Time Management Benefits You

How does effective time management benefit you? It brings you happiness.

Have you ever wondered about this for a moment? Everyday, you find it so difficult to get out of bed at 6:00 to prepare yourself to go to work. But you will jump out of bed on any day, even as early as 4:00, when you know there is an exciting day ahead of you, such as a picnic with your office mates or friends. You are highly motivated to start the day early with great enthusiasm when that day’s activities will bring you joy and happiness.

With effective time management, you will be able to free up more time for you to do your favorite activities that bring you joy and happiness. Finish all your drudgeries early in the day, and enjoy the rest of your free time to do whatever pleases your heart.

How to Develop Time Management Skill

Find out what really motivates you, and begin with that to develop a time management program. Think about the things you love to do. Then, think about the things that make you want to earn more money, so that you have something that you can spend on them. Prioritize them in your list, and schedule the other activities around them.

For this purpose, use a daily planner template. You can download it from many sites on the internet. Or, simply use a legal pad paper or wall calendar. What is important is that you get the habit of planning your time by committing it into writing.

For example, you enjoy swimming at the beach the most. Decide how many days of the year you want to engage in this recreational activity. What time of the year do you want to use those days? Take a look at the calendar and begin planning. Block those days out on your planner.

Next, check out what you need to accomplish to be able to spend that time on the beach. If you will be away for a week, what must you do before that? List down the “must do” items only, and schedule the time necessary around those.

This is just a very simple example. How much more motivated will you be to schedule other tasks when you first schedule your favorite activities? You are motivated, because this is the reward for managing your time effectively. Happiness!


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