Harnessing Our Spiritual Power to Bring About Wealth and Abundance

by Percival J. Meris on December 31, 2011

spiritual power

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W E ALL POSSESS SPIRITUAL POWER AND ALL LIVE IN AN ABUNDANT WORLD. These are our (each of us) birthrights, and are there so that we can live a happy, contented life. Unfortunately, not all of us experience abundance in life because of ignorance to make proper use of our spiritual powers to bring this about.

Using Spiritual Power in an Abundant Universe

The universe is abundant in things we need. Everything that has been created by man to satisfy his needs and wants has been supplied by the universe, the source of all materials and principles of creation. Everything that we need to exist is made available to us by the universe. We only need to know how to access them.

If we create in ourselves a form of spiritual energy that is of the very same nature as the energy in the universe, which brings about what we desire, that universal energy will find it easy to blend and integrate with the energy we create. Then, the small energy we create becomes magnified a millionfold to the dimension of universal energy that it attracts.

Principles of the Spiritual Power That Invites the Energy to Create Wealth

We speak of wealth in the context of this article in monetary terms and in monetary values of things we use in our lives. While money is a neutral energy, spirituality that downgrades the importance of money is ignorant spirituality. For, money makes it possible for us to pursue things that can enrich our souls.

The significance that money brings is directly proportional to how well we can tap into our spiritual energy to create wealth. Unjust acquisition of money is not spiritually edifying.

What universal principles underlie the tapping of spiritual energy to bring about wealth?

  1. Thought: Everything starts with thought. The sum total of what we are now has been the creation of thoughts we have harbored in our minds for many years now. Whatever we will be is in the making by the thoughts entertained in our minds now.
  2. Belief: Our belief system consists of sets of dominant thoughts we hold as true. It gives birth to a general attitude, which influences the emotions and behaviors that shape the kind of person that we are and are capable of becoming.
  3. Speech: Speech follows whatever we think. When we say something, we declare to ourselves what we want to become, and we believe it. Words are, indeed, very powerful. It can also work the other way around. What we say can influence the way we think. So, be careful about what you say.

Depending on the manner they are utilized, these principles can work for or against us. This explains why some people succeed and others not.

Clearing Our Minds of False Beliefs for Positive Spiritual Power

Before applying the principles above, it is necessary to first clear our minds of false beliefs about wealth creation. To do this, we need to identify common misconceptions that hinder us from taking the right actions and eventually succeeding.

  1. Wealth is created in proportion to the amount of hard work we take. This may be true at first, as the infant business is still taking off. Later, however, when business shall have been established, work could delegated or outsourced to other people.
  2. We need to choose a kind of business we are passionate about. To make this your only criterion would simply be self-serving. Business is about serving other people’s needs (for profit, of course). So, in order to have some business value, your passions should serve some specific economic needs.
  3. We need enough capital to start a business. Most successful businessmen started with little or almost no capital. Energy and enthusiasm is capital enough, when the idea is there.
  4. The idea has to be right. The things that we love doing is sufficient material for an idea to start with. Evaluate this idea in terms of business value, and proceed accordingly.
  5. We need education to start a business. Most successful businessmen were dropouts, or have little education. They are simply sturdy people who refused to be satisfied with whatever chance and fortune come their way.
  6. We are too old to start a business. Many businesses have been established and made successful from retirement money. When there is the desire to succeed, success it will be.

Charging Up Our Spiritual Power with Proper Mental Attitude

Now that we have uprooted unproductive ideas from the mind, we shall now plant empowering ones that we can take on as attitudes towards wealth creation.

  1. Share. Ironically, people who share more are those who tend to receive more. They attract powers in the universe to have more for them to share more. Attracting the power of receiving is the result of the practice of sharing.
  2. Be Truthful. To be truthful is to release the mind from encumbrances that tend to slow us down. Honesty clears our minds, brings better dispositions, and gives us the ability to spot opportunities, whenever there is one.
  3. Be Thankful. Being thankful for whatever we have is being pleased and contented for having them. It is easier to move onwards when we are pleased and contented. There is no negativity hampering our forward movement.
  4. Believe that there is enough for everyone. Even if world population increases three times its present size, there would still be enough resources for everyone. All we need to do is come up with ideas to harness these resources to work for us.

Topping all of these is the desire to make a change for the better. It is easy enough to identify people’s needs and to fill them. It is also easy to create wealth out of the process of filling these needs. It may not be easy for some of us to maintain goodwill that aligns us all with every ideal that is best in us.

With the proper use of spiritual power, these may all be accomplished.

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