Everyday Fasting: Don’t Break the Fast at Breakfast

by Percival J. Meris on July 18, 2010

Fasting with Fruit Salad

Fruit Fasting Photo Courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian via stock.xchng

ONE OF THE MOST HEALTHFUL DIETING PRACTICES IS FASTING. Ordinarily, health enthusiasts fast at regular intervals – weekly, monthly, or yearly – but not daily. However, it is possible to fast daily, and get its maximum health benefits.

Like juice fasting, this form of fasting I shall describe here is a delectable way of body cleansing and weight loss. You will go through the day without feeling hungry.

How It Works

The peculiar nature of this form of fasting is its use of fresh fruit diet for breakfast.

Stick to this diet until lunch at noontime. Should you feel hungry anytime between breakfast and lunch, take nothing but fruits and its juices only. For that reason, it is called fruit fasting.

At lunchtime, go into your regular meal. However, I highly recommend raw vegetable salad whole wheat bread sandwich as your main course, avoiding protein foods until the evening meal. This is optional, though, (but highly recommended) and not necessary for the success of fasting.

Then, repeat this diet in all succeeding mornings. There is no need to end this fast. You can do it for life.

Principle of the Program

Our body’s daily metabolic cycle goes through three phases at different time periods of the day:

  • Appropriation (12:00 noon till 8:00 p.m.)
  • This is when you take in food (other than fruits) at meal and snack times.

  • Assimilation (8:00 p.m. till 4:00 a.m.)
  • This is when you absorb food nutrients to become body cells and tissues. Refrain from taking in any form of food during this time.

  • Elimination (4:00 a.m. till 12:00 noon)
  • This is when the body cleanses itself internally. Aid this operation by eating fruits only.

Since the body is going through the elimination phase in the morning, the food that is best at this time are fruits. Why? Because they are clean and cleansing.

They allow the body to continue the fast that had began at 8:00 p.m. Till noontime, this would constitute a full 16 hours of fasting everyday.

Benefits of Daily Fruit Fasting

First, let us look at the benefits of fasting in general, and then of fruit fasting in particular.

Fasting in General:

Learn the physiological benefits of fasting in general from Thilaka Ravi’s article Benefits of Fasting. These benefits are true for all types of fasting.

Add to this learning from another good article, this time specializing on juice fasting, written by S. Ali Myers: 10 Ways Juice Fasting Could Benefit You. He discusses not only the physiological but the psychological and spiritual benefits of fasting, as well.

Fruit Fasting in Particular:

For daily fruit fasting in particular, here are the benefits you can expect:

The Process

  1. It can be done everyday, and you receive its full health benefits without the inconvenience and discomfort of regular fasting.
  2. Its implementation coincides with the body’s internal cleansing routine, thereby maximizing its detoxifying effects.
  3. You do not feel hungry during the day because you can take in solid foods.
  4. Although your stomach is empty for the most part of the morning, there is no feeling of hunger, because every cell of your body are well nourished by the nutrient-rich content of the fruits.

The Fruit

  1. Fruits are easily digestible. It takes about 20 minutes for it to leave your stomach. The digestive system is able to rest, and the energy conserved thereby is diverted to detoxification use.
  2. Fruits provide you with fiber and enzymes, usually absent in processed foods.
  3. Fruits provide you with sugar (fructose) for energy use during the morning.
  4. Fruits bring health and energy because of their high vitamin-mineral content.
  5. The high water content of fruits adds to body hydrating and aids in body cleansing.

The Effect

With a clean inner body as a result of fasting, your outer appearance (skin, hair, nails, eyes) will take on a new clean glow of health. Your natural beauty will be enhanced. No makeup will be necessary for further enhancement.


If you cannot take the more drastic demands of traditional fasting, incorporate fruit diet into your daily morning menu. It is like not fasting at all, as there is no semblance of it in terms of food abstinence, nutrients deprivation, and initial hunger feelings.

I hope this article has stimulated your interest in the program. If it did, let me recommend for further reading the bestseller book, from which I learned the principles of this program.

It is the book written by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond: Fit For Life. This book thoroughly discusses the principles described in this article.

The first part of the book, discussing these principles, was written by Harvey. The second was written by Marilyn, and contains luscious food recipes for this program.

If you follow the principles in this book, “fasting” will be much easier and enjoyable to you.


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Ali (Soulful Body & Mind) July 18, 2010 at 7:39 pm

Great information as usual, Sir!

The main thing is, people need to be more progressive with their health. Stop, reacting just when you find out that you have a so-called disease. Do what is right before it get's to that point. And, of course, fruits and vegetables are the best foods you can eat AND drink. The Universe provides us with all the food we need. It's up to us to consume it.

Percival J. Meris July 18, 2010 at 10:13 pm

Thank you, Ali, for enriching this post with your own words of wisdom. We are truly partners in blog post writing.

Sibyl Chavis July 21, 2010 at 2:39 am

Percival: Sounds like a great idea and I think I may actually be able to do this one because I love fruit. Perhaps after the fruit, I could move on to the ultimate juice feast challenge:) Thanks for all the info.

Percival J. Meris July 21, 2010 at 6:53 am

Sibyl, I am glad you have found what suits you best. Here you are not fasting but feasting on fruits, especially because you love them. I highly recommend you take a vegetable salad lunch with whole wheat bread after your morning fruit feasting.

Go to your nearest local bookstore, and see if they still copies of the book Fit for Life. In that book you will see different vegetable salad recipes, prepared by Marilyn. Harvey, her husband, explains more in depth the principle behind Fit for Life.

Easiest Way to Lose Weight November 16, 2010 at 11:01 am

It sounds good fruit fasting is good but I think you one should not go for dieting rather they should have proper diet plan and daily work out in their daily routine. this will help them to lose weight weight fast.

Percival J. Meris November 22, 2010 at 8:07 am

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on this. Perhaps, the recommendation of this article could be considered a proper diet plan, as well.

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