Creative Visualization Techniques for Success and Good Luck

by Percival J. Meris on October 18, 2009

Photo by Gabriella FabbriMan Visualizing His Goal

HAVE YOU WONDERED WHY SOME PEOPLE ARE SO LUCKY? Does it not seem to you that those who need luck the most are not as blessed as those who do not? What do the lucky have that others don’t?

All people hope for good things to happen. However, the lucky ones choose to expect the good things, while the unlucky the bad. Luck, therefore, is truly a matter of choice, not a matter of chance. And the successful people are simply those who choose good luck.

Creative Visualization At Work

So, how do you choose good luck and success? By choosing the visions that give you the power to change your life. It is as easy as creating a picture of your desire in your mind. This is creative visualization at work.

Be very careful about the picture you create, though. This is very powerful technique. You will get whatever your mind focuses on, be it good or bad.

How Creative Visualization Works

Through creative visualization, you instruct your subconscious mind to project your desires out to the universe and to command the forces of nature to work towards their achievement.

The subconscious bounces back to inspire you and send you creative ideas. It helps you find the information and means to carry out the necessary actions. It activates its magnetic force to attract the right circumstances to make you realize your goals faster and with less effort. When this happens, the law of attraction is being revved up into overdrive.

How to Make Creative Visualization Work

The process of creative visualization involves setting your goal, creating a clear picture of it, focusing on it often, and giving it positive energy. Its effectiveness is achieved with five operations: believing, seeing, feeling, saying, and doing.

Preparatory Steps

First of all, decide exactly what you dream to achieve. Write it down not only to turn it into a concrete goal but also to make it serve as a step-by-step reference guide later.

Then, find a quiet spot. Bring your body into a state of complete relaxation, so that you can connect with your spirit. Also, remove conflicting thoughts from your mind to give room for the positive visions to come in. Now, imagine a scene you feel comfortable in, and hold that steadily in your mind. Give it your undivided attention, …but set your timer to signal the end of the visualization session.

Step One: Believe

Believe that visualizing yourself to success will work. Otherwise, you will be sending messages to your subconscious that it cannot be done or it is possible it will not be done. Like a genie, the subconscious translates whatever message it receives into physical reality. Believe, and send only messages that it will be done. Never doubt. Have absolute confidence.

Step Two: See

See your goal like a movie in your mind. See it in high specificity and great detail and definition. See various scenes of your desired result, as if you are already living it NOW. See the colors, hear the sounds, feel the textures, and smell the aromas. Live the emotions. Make it as real as possible.

If you need some visualization aids, create a vision board or secure a free Mind Movie video. A vision board is a physical image of what your success looks like. A Mind Movie is a short 3-minute video filled with powerful affirmations, and emotionally inspiring images.


Step Three: Feel

The real potency of creative visualization emanates from a strong emotion of desire for your goal, as well as from a cheerful expectation of and absolute confidence in the outcome of this process. What you visualize merely adds more power to this technique. The clearer your visions and the stronger your emotions, the more exponential the increase in the realization of your desire.

Visualization should always be fun – never a chore. It should only evoke feelings of happiness and peace. Make it as exciting as possible. The stronger positive emotions you put in it, the more effective it becomes.

Step Four: Affirm

Affirmations help trigger and “make firm” visions of your goal in your mind. You simply make a strong, positive statement that your goal is already realized.

Write your affirmations, and verbalize them repeatedly and aloud to yourself daily. Always phrase them in the present tense, first person singular, and in the most positive way you can. It is better to express them in terms of who you are than in terms of what you do or what you have. The shorter and simpler, the more effective they are.

For example, with your very clear vision supercharged with strong emotions, you declare to yourself the following statement with full conviction that it is taking place right now:

“I am now a multimillionaire.”

Now, Make Creative Visualization Work for You

Success is already programmed within you. It is available to you at anytime. All you have to do is tap it through creative visualization techniques.

Without action, however, creative visualization will not work. Make it a habit, until it becomes second nature to you. The more often you practice, the easier it gets to perform.

Do it upon awakening in the morning and before retiring at night. These are the day’s quietest times, when your conscious mind is at ease.

Powerful as this technique is, never use it to control or harm anybody, or achieve anything negative. This wicked intention will only send negative energies out to the universe. Then, the universe will send those same energies back to you.


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