Choosing Positive Work Attitudes Turns Drudgery into Play – Failure into Success

by Percival J. Meris on August 30, 2009

Choosing Positive Work Attitudes Turns Drudgery into Play – Failure into Success

DO YOU FIND YOURSELF ENSNARED IN WORK YOU DON’T ENJOY? As a result, does your workmanship quality suffer? Are you always denied job promotions? If so, you may by now have developed poor self-esteem and self-confidence that give you a general sense of failure and negative work attitudes.

Negative work attitude may lessen your over-all productivity and dampen your sense of cooperation with the company you work for. Wouldn’t be wiser in the meantime to remain a good performer by learning to develop positive work attitudes? Later, as opportunities permit, you can make your way to some other job you really enjoy, or even set up your own business.

Developing positive work attitude is a personal choice. Realize that life is only 10% events that happen to you, and 90% your attitude toward what happen to you. Realize that attitudes have a very powerful influence over your success or failure in life and at work. Realize that you have absolute power to choose your own mental attitudes. If you choose positive work attitudes, you enjoy great self-confidence, high self-esteem, excellent job performance, and success.

Choose Your Work Attitude

At times, you cannot choose the work you like, but you can choose the way you view the work you don’t like. By doing so, you choose the kind of day you will have. If 75 percent of your waking hours is devoted to work-related activities, you might as well have the best hours you can have.

Enjoy every minute of it, and be energized by it. Being happy is not a matter of doing what you love to do but loving what you have to do. When you choose to love your work, you remove the unhealthy stresses of life, and achieve that wonderful sense of self-fulfillment.

Choose the Right Work Attitude

To choose the right work attitude, you must first define your attitude standards. This standard should consist of attitudes towards yourself and towards your colleagues. Since you are working on positive attitudes, your general life paradigm must be anchored on positive values.

On the personal level, you must feel high enthusiasm for your work, assume responsibility for your own professional growth, and approach work with diligence, conscientiousness, and professionalism. On the social level, your dealings with fellow-workers must exhibit friendliness and a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. Not only will this improve your performance but you will also create a working environment that promotes healthy synergism of each other’s differences.

Choose to Keep a Positive Attitude at the Workplace

Work performance produces stressful situations. So, in order to have a healthy and happy work attitude, your first step is to manage your stress. Build up your physical, mental, and emotional energy to cope up with job challenges. You can do this by living a healthy lifestyle. Learn to manage your time at work by preparing a schedule of activities, and avoid procrastination that produces unnecessary delays, resulting in undue stress. Clear the clutter from your workstation to eliminate stress-causing distractions. And, of course, above all always maintain a happy and healthy disposition.

How do you maintain this kind of disposition? Remember that a positive attitude brings about positive work experiences. Look at the positive aspects of your job – all the reasons you can think of to be thankful about it. Talk more about methods that work, and less about what do not. Exercise diligence so that you finish your work on time, and later enjoy a sense of achievement and inner peace that everything has been accomplished. Be positive in your dealings with co-workers, and relate more often with positive people. View your fellow workers’ shortcomings with more understanding, instead of causing them to stir in negative feelings in you.

Finally, when negative thoughts go past your mental gatekeepers undetected, think yourself out of it by filling your mind with thoughts of past successes. No two conflicting thoughts can occupy your mind at the same time. Act the way you want to become – happy and confident – and you will be. With practice you can eliminate these negativities, and see the brighter side of things always.

Be careful about extremes, though. Positive attitude extremes may lead to oversight of the not-so-obvious problems, resulting to blunders and failures. Extreme negativities can ruin your belief in your abilities, result to poor work performance, or cause discouragements and resignations. Instead, learn from your mistakes and make them the stepping-stones to success. Positive attitudes are contagious. Relate daily to your uplifting colleagues, and you will see your positive attitude rise, as well.


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Name September 3, 2009 at 7:51 am

Having the right attitude is the key. Start within yourself, then incorporate it to your work. Look for a career and not a job. Career is life, a job is something you only consider to earn.

Name September 3, 2009 at 9:51 pm

Having the right attitude is the key. Start within yourself, then incorporate it to your work. Look for a career and not a job. Career is life, a job is something you only consider to earn.

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