Choose Subliminal Audio Messaging for Effortless Positive Self-Transformation

by Percival J. Meris on May 16, 2010

Listening to Subliminal Messages

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ARE YOU DISSATISFIED WITH YOUR PRESENT LIFE SITUATION? If so, you must have been unwittingly picturing yourself to be a kind of person who attracts this kind of situation. Change your negative situation right now. Simply replace your negative picture with a positive one.

People have used visualization, positive affirmations, and hypnosis to this end. These tools have proven to be very effective and powerful. There is subliminal messaging also, now increasingly becoming popular and emerging as a strong contender to these traditional methods.

What Is Subliminal Messaging?

Subliminal messaging is a method of delivering suggestions to your subconscious mind under (sub) the threshold (limin) of your consciousness. This means that messages directly gain access to your subconscious by bypassing your conscious mind.

Its aim is to reprogram your subconscious mind with suggestions deliberately chosen for specific purposes.

Advantages of Subliminal Audio Messaging

Subliminal messaging and hypnosis are extremely effective ways to improve your life. Yet, the practice of hypnosis requires that you dedicate at least 30 minutes of your daily time to sitting visualization exercise.

If you lack time, you need a method that allows you to simultaneously perform other tasks with it. Subliminal audio messaging gives you this facility.

You can listen to the audio anytime, anywhere, and whatever you are doing. Yes, whatever you are doing, whether it be sleeping or performing a task demanding concentration. Listening does not require attention – the less aware you are of the audio, the better.

In view of this, subliminal messaging is effortless and time-saving. Though more gradual in bringing about results, it produces more permanent positive self-transformation effects.

How Subliminal Messaging Works

The Principle

To avoid exclusion, the subliminal message must bypass the conscious mind, as it make its way to the subconscious. The subconscious mind accepts the message as is, whether true or not. But not the logical conscious mind. If you state that you are wealthy, when in fact you know you are not, the conscious mind will reject the statement, and refuse it entry to the subconscious.

To bypass the conscious mind, the subliminal stimulus must be covertly embedded within the bigger, more observable conscious stimuli upon delivery. These stimuli are sounds or images that serve to mask the message and divert your attention from them.

Now, the subconscious mind will become uncomfortable with the incongruity between the real and the ideal, and resolve this by bringing the two into alignment. It does this not by changing the idea but by changing your reality to fit the idea. How?

It attracts to you the right conditions and opportunities, and spurs you into action to fulfill this congruity. Here is where your self-transformation takes place.

Its Application

The messaging process follows the following steps:

  1. Identify the area of your life that you want to transform.
  2. Prepare a suitable message to address this area.
    • Acquire a ready-made script, or
    • Create your own script. Construct a positive statement in the first person and present tense.
  3. Decide on the method of delivering the message.
    • Video.

      Here, the message is in the form of an image. It is covertly embedded in a slide show of pictures that are pleasing to view. It flashes at regular time interval, too quick for the physical eye to notice. Despite its fleeting exposure (about 1/30th of a second), it enters the subconscious successfully, where it is effectively imprinted.

    • Audio.

      Here, the message is in form of sound. It is implanted in music or nature sound (ocean, wind, or lightning). The sound overlay should be pleasing to the ear to avoid losing the message in an otherwise annoying sound. The message sound volume must be below that of conscious hearing.

    • Alternatively, you can embed commands within a larger phrase or sentence. The larger phrase or sentence addresses the conscious mind, as the embedded command goes undetected directly to the subconscious.

  4. Deliver the message repeatedly, until it dislodges the old and saturates the mind with the new as a predominant idea.

The Legality of the Use of Subliminal Messaging

Is It Illegal?

Subliminal messaging is illegal when used in advertisements, where the advertiser can manipulate the thinking of the audience. This is dangerous, since as audience you are not aware of the unwanted messages that could be fed into your mind. Since it bypasses the conscious mind, you are powerless to decide what information to accept.

Can It Be Legal?

When used for yourself, where you can decide to choose which information to feed your mind with, there is no attempt on your part to feed yourself with unwanted ideas without your awareness. You decide to use this for your own self-improvement in whatever area of your life you may find this wanting.


To reconfigure your mind and remold your life in many various ways, choose from among hypnosis, positive affirmation, and subliminal messaging methods for influencing your thoughts. There is no best method, though, because like anything else it is matter of personal preference.

If it is an effective, permanent, and effortless way to improve any aspect of your life that you are looking for, I highly recommend giving subliminal messaging a try. Choose between video or audio formats.

You can choose to buy prerecorded messages or create your own. For a wide collection of prerecorded subliminal audio messages, browse over 200 professionally produced subliminals listed on the Subliminal MP3 website.

However, if you have specific needs not being addressed by prerecorded messages, I suggest you create your own. Get your guidance and special software from Subliminal-Studio.

Between prerecorded and self-created messages, I would highly recommend the latter. It gives you more control over the entire process.


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