Boost Your Family Budget by Cutting Energy Expenses with Home-Made Power System

by Percival J. Meris on February 28, 2010

Home-Made Energy

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FAMILY BUDGETING HAS BECOME A PRIORITY IN THESE INFLATIONARY TIMES, as cost of living progressively escalates with each passing year. Faithful adherence to a good budget plan has all the more become a very important family consideration now-a-days. Under these conditions, wise spending of its hard-earned income is now the only hope of the family to bring itself slowly to financial security.

A good budget means a favorable equity between income and expenditures. This means that family expenses should be less than its  income. Therefore, the family should live a little bit below its means, such that a certain amount is left as savings.

How do you achieve this for your family?

  • Increase its income, or
  • Decrease its expenses, or
  • Do both.

Phase Out Energy Expenses by Assembling Your Own Power System

One item that could be putting great strain on your family budget is the cost of energy. You can minimize expenses on electricity through judicious and economical power consumption. Or, you can drastically cut power expenses by creating your own energy source.

In this article, I shall discuss how you can save a lot of money by easily assembling a do-it-yourself power system for home use: a solar panel or a wind generator.

It Is Easy to Learn How to Make a Solar Panel

You can easily learn how to make a solar panel for your home, workshop, or business. What is important is finding a good quality manual with detailed instructions for building one.

It takes only about a day to assemble a 100-watt panel.  Doing it yourself will cost far less than purchasing a professionally installed one. Moreover, you will have greater control over its size and design.

With a quality instruction manual, building your own solar panel is a no-brainer, especially since supplies are fairly simple to find. Most of these supplies are available at your local hardware store. It is also easy to locate inexpensive solar or photovoltaic cells for your panels.

Want Free Power? Build A Wind Generator

Like the solar panel, wind generator is easy to build. Plans and instructions for assembling one are also available.

You can save large amounts of money if you build, instead of purchase, it. Commercial wind generators would cost you thousands of dollars. Whereas, it is possible to build one yourself for under $200, cost way below that of professional installation.

You use only some used auto parts, odds and ends, and general supplies from your local hardware store. Once installed, it will work even with little breeze.

Electric power generated by wind is one of the most efficient renewable power resources available. Not only are you helping the environment, but you also save money.

Budgetary and Non-Budgetary Benefits of Building Your Own Power Systems

Solar panels and wind generators are the easiest and cheapest ways to generate renewable energy. With either installed in your home, you could decide to go off-grid, and be assured that escalating energy prices will no longer affect your family budget.

Imagine the thousands of dollars a year you will save for the rest of your life, as your energy cost is reduced to 20 – 0%. A portion of these savings can be spent for other important family needs and the remainder deposited to your savings account.

Should you decide to stay on-grid, it is possible for you to earn extra income with it. The electric company can pay you, because the surplus of what you produce will make the meter go the other way.

Since these are clean sources of energy, you will be helping our environment reduce the amount of pollution created by fossil fuels used to generate electricity. Does it not feel wonderful to know you have done something great and been part of a solution?

And would not it be a lot of fun, if you build it yourself? Your family and close friends could share in this enjoyment, if they do it with you during a weekend.


Choosing to build your own power generator is a great investment for your future and that of the rest of the world. You can choose to build your own solar panel or wind generator with simple tools. There are detailed instructions and plans available to build them in your workshop or home.

If you want to learn the step-by-step methods to generate your own electricity at home with solar or wind power system, get your education from Ben Ford’s book Home-Made Energy. Why would you want to pay for energy when you can save thousands of dollars a year?


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