BEAUTIFUL WOMAN: How Does a Girl Get to Be One Without Cosmetics or Makeup?

by Percival J. Meris on May 24, 2011

A Beautiful Woman

beautiful woman

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A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IS WHAT EVERY GIRL WISHES TO BE. Regrettably, most women give undue importance to beauty applied from without to the neglect of that which springs from within. The resulting beauty is, therefore, superficial and artificial.

Cosmetics Creates Artificial Beauty

Artificial beauty is what results from the application of cosmetic makeup, the quickest and most convenient way of enhancing a woman’s looks. Indeed, cosmetics has a way of instantly transforming a woman’s face from plain to gorgeous, dull to glamorous. We all have seen this miracle happen.

Yet, if you are used to seeing a face, made beautiful by cosmetics, you get a little disappointed when you see that same face without makeup. Conversely, if you are used to seeing a woman’s face without makeup, you will be pleasantly surprised at the beauty that emerges with one.

Why do women need to put on makeup?

It is because they feel their natural beauty is inadequate. They feel they need a little more blush on their pale cheeks. A more vibrant color on their lifeless lips. A fairer complexion for their dark skin or tannish shade on their washed-out tone. Longer eyelashes or trimmed pair of eyebrows.

Artificial Beauty Results in Toxic Beauty

Women may not be aware of the possibility of putting themselves in danger by simply applying lipstick and moisturizers. Cosmetics are made up of petrochemicals and synthetics that are toxic, and are sucked into the body through the process of percutaneous absorption. Daily exposure to these chemicals could lead to some serious diseases in the long run.

It is unfortunate that, unlike cigarettes, cosmetic products do not carry warnings on their labels. There are no purposeful advice from the manufacturer and no admonition from a watchful guardian of the government. The woman is left on her own to judge the safety of the products.

Cosmetically Beautiful, But Not Always

Some women do not even become more beautiful with makeup. Sometimes, makeup even tends to downgrade their beauty.

Why does this happen?

One reason could be misapplication or over-application. Makeup is supposed to enhance, not mask, the natural beauty of a face.

Another reason could be that she is naturally more beautiful without makeup. Her natural beauty is adequate, and does not need any artificial enhancement.

This is the kind of beauty I want to see women obtain for themselves.

Natural Looks and Personal Health Conspire to Produce a Beautiful Woman

Beauty should not be defined in objective technical terms – symmetry, proportion, and all those stuffs. Appreciation of beauty is subjective. One poet put it: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” No matter how nature sculptured a woman’s face, for as long as she appealingly attractive, she is beautiful.

One online dictionary defines the term “beautiful” as:

  • delighting the senses (as in beautiful flower or beautiful scenery) or
  • exciting intellectual or emotional admiration (as in beautiful woman or beautiful music)

Human beauty is a quality, not form.

When a woman’s beauty (as a form) merely delights the senses, the delight passes when deformation sets in. True beauty appeals to the soul of the beholder. It is a quality that is profound and lasting.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” ~ Hellen Keller

Body Health and the Beautiful Woman

Natural beauty enhancement is a function of health, not the product of cosmetics. It is accomplished by a glowingly vibrant sense of well-being. It is that kind of enhancement that makes one truly a beautiful woman.

When a woman is physically healthy, she is at her best appearance, the way nature intends it to be. Complexion is radiant. Physique is shapely. Eyes sparkle. Scent is sweet.

She who wants to become a beautiful woman must embark on a program that rids her body of toxins. A program that gives her a youthful and radiant glow. One that banishes acne and splotchy skin and irons out youth-busting wrinkles. Grows luscious hair and strong, shiny nails. Gets rid of the bloat, and melts away unhealthy fats.

By opting for the right kind of foods to be part of her diet, she can radically change the way she looks and feels. The right kind of foods is her ultimate beauty product.

Mind Health and the Beautiful Woman

The mind consists of intellect, will, and emotions. It is the nature of the intellect to seek the truth, and of the will to seek the good. Beauty is the offspring of the marriage between the truth and the good.

When a woman chooses to feed her intellect with nothing but the truth and her heart with nothing but the good, she becomes radiantly beautiful in spirit. Anything less is toxic to her soul, and is as detrimental as poison is to her body.

With a healthy mind and a healthy body, the woman’s whole personality becomes truly beautiful beyond imagination.


If you wish to learn more about how to be healthy and beautiful, I would like to refer you to a page I discovered in Facebook. It is called Books on Health and Beauty. There, you can choose and learn from an array of books dealing with the subject of how to achieve natural beauty by using natural means to be healthy.

If you are a girl, remember it is never too early to embark on a journey to pulchritude. Start as a beautiful girl, and then grow up to be a beautiful woman.

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