Basic Weight Loss Diet Plan to Lose 10 Pounds of Body Fat

by Percival J. Meris on February 27, 2011

weight loss diet plan

weight loss diet plan

LOSING 10 POUNDS OF BODY FAT STARTS WITH THE CHOICE OF AN EFFECTIVE weight loss diet plan. In any weight loss program involving diet and exercise, we are primarily interested in the reduction of body fat only, which really is the main culprit in the unhealthy excess of body weight.

In this article, I will only present the two staple components of the weight loss diet plan. They are the bases for the formulation of a more detailed dietary program.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Component A: High Protein

Body builders rely on high-protein diet, coupled with weight-gaining exercises, to build muscles. Weight losers can rely on it, too, but coupled with weight-losing exercises.


When used by weight losers, high protein diet can be beneficial to weight loss efforts in the following ways:

  1. Protein brings a sense of fullness earlier in the meal than do carbohydrates and fats. Its more efficient satiation performance reduces ingestion of weight-gaining foodstuffs.
  2. Weight loss programs expends fats, muscles, and water. Since our aim is to dissolve fat cells only, we replenish body fluids by water drinking and restore muscle mass with high protein intake.
  3. Muscles constantly burns calories, even at rest, in order to maintain life. The nutritional source of muscle is protein.

High But Not Too Much :

Avoid too much protein intake, as this could jeopardize your health. High-protein diet should be moderated, and not result in avoidance of carbohydrates, which is important in effective fat metabolism.

Aim for proper intake balance. Ingest more protein than carbohydrates and keep fat intake at minimum level. As a rule of thumb, too much protein intake is that which is in excess of one gram of protein per kilogram of your body weight per day, according to experts.

Preferred Sources:

Prefer plant protein sources to animal. The best sources are soya beans and whole grains. Other plant-based foods also contain protein but in smaller quantities.

Beans are good sources of protein, but are generally acidic, unlike soya which is highly alkaline. Animal protein sources are not only acidic but usually have high saturated fat content.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Component B: High Fiber

A diet high in fiber not only improves digestion but assist in weight loss, as well.

The Two Types of Dietary Fiber

The two types of dietary fiber are the insoluble and the soluble. Both are indigestible, passing through the intestines without being absorbed and ending up being excreted from the body through the colon.

They differ from one another in that soluble fiber partially dissolves in water and turns to gel, while the insoluble does not at all.

The best sources of dietary fiber are fresh fruits, raw vegetables, whole grains, and nuts.

Weight Loss Benefits of Dietary Fibers

High-fiber diet is popularly seen as benefiting colon health because of its fecal-sweeping power. Like protein, dietary fiber is a boon to weight losers.

  1. The slow movement of high-fiber foods in the intestines promotes weight loss in the following manner:
    • The body is able to absorb nutrients, instead of empty calories, to a greater extent from the slow-moving food.
    • The slow departure of food from the intestines prolongs the feeling of fullness, delaying hunger sensations.

  2. The presence of indigestible fibers takes up space in food, reducing its calorie content, thereby limiting calorie consumption during meals.

Balancing the Weight Loss Diet Plan

The recommended above diets are merely staple components of a full-blown weight loss diet program. Needless to say, on top of these, diet should be balanced, maintaining richness in vitamins and minerals, preferably with an abundance of fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and whole grains.

Before Implementing the Weight Loss Diet Plan

Before going on any specific weight loss program, check with your doctor.

This will help expose any potential risk this diet may cause to your health. If you have any kidney or liver condition, for instance, a high-protein diet could be harmful to you. Knowledge of any preexisting illnesses can guide you in the choice of a suitable weight loss diet plan.

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