Appreciating the Value of Life as a Learning Experience

October 18, 2010

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Learning Experience Photo Courtesy of Mokra via stock.xchng
LEARNING EXPERIENCE IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT. Older people have had a lot more of these learning experiences than the younger ones. That is why they are often revered for […]

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If You Are Getting Older and You Want to Look Younger…

October 3, 2010

Look Younger Photo Courtesy of Ana y Paco Sancho via stock.xchng
THIS ARTICLE IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING OLDER AND WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER. But if you are still young and want to look younger when you get older, then go ahead. Read on.
Getting old does make you look older, unfortunately. Fortunately, […]

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Clarifying the True Purpose of Marriage

September 27, 2010

Purpose of Marriage Photo Courtesy of Kostya Kisleyko via stock.xchng
WHAT IS THE TRUE PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE? Over the years, the true purpose of marriage has been forgotten, and confused for something else. For this reason, the institution of marriage has been misused and, at times, abused.
Love Is Not the True Purpose of […]

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Life after Death: How Do You Prepare for It?

September 20, 2010

Life after Death Photo Courtesy of Stefanie Mikus-Marx via stock.xchng
IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH? No one has ever come back from the dead to tell the living what it is like. Nobody has yet presented verifiable facts to prove the certainty of life after death. The only scientific accounts available are testimonies of people who […]

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Character Formation in the Context of Life’s Circumstances

September 13, 2010

Character Formation Photo Courtesy of Marlon Duba
CHARACTER FORMATION: THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE ON EARTH FOR. We are here PRIMARILY to use life’s circumstances to make a masterpiece of ourselves. Nothing else.
To serve our fellow human beings in fulfillment of our personal mission is secondary. We are to help them directly […]

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Love Is Finding Someone You Can Live Without.

August 28, 2010

Love Photo Model: Mary Frances Therese G. Meris
A very romantic statement.
But I beg to disagree.
Lucky is the person you love, but woe to you who love.  She is flattered …you are shattered.
What Happens When You Love Someone You […]

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What Positive Thinking Really Means

August 22, 2010

Positive thinking photo: courtesy of Mathias Dalheimer via flickr
POSITIVE THINKING HAS BECOME A BYWORD IN THE VOCABULARY OF MANY. Unfortunately, a lot of them do not understand its true meaning. There is more to it than just thinking positively at the spur of the moment and expecting positive results by some miracle of […]

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Our Life Purpose: What Is It for All, and for Each of Us?

August 1, 2010

Life Purpose Photo Courtesy of Neil Gould via stock.xchng
ALL HUMANS HAVE A LIFE PURPOSE. But most do not know, or even bother to know, it. They spend their lifetimes eating, sleeping, making love, and working to earn a living – all of which are instinct-driven. For them, life has no meaning.
Fortunately, […]

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Everyday Fasting: Don’t Break the Fast at Breakfast

July 18, 2010

Fruit Fasting Photo Courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian via stock.xchng
ONE OF THE MOST HEALTHFUL DIETING PRACTICES IS FASTING. Ordinarily, health enthusiasts fast at regular intervals – weekly, monthly, or yearly – but not daily. However, it is possible to fast daily, and get its maximum health benefits.
Like juice fasting, this form of fasting I shall […]

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Is It True Love or Infatuation? How to Tell the Difference

July 12, 2010

Love Photo Courtesy of Bina Sveda via stock.xchng
LOVE OR INFATUATION? This is the question people in love ask most of the time. This article will attempt to show the differences from this author’s point of view.
Love or Infatuation: Why the Confusion?
Both love and infatuation are characterized by a deep feeling of affection […]

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Body Language Reading: Understanding People Beyond Words

July 4, 2010

Photo Courtesy of Microsoft Office
BODY LANGUAGE READING IS A SKILL WE HAVE TO LEARN if we want to truly understand other people. Otherwise, we could be misled by their words and receive incorrect information as a result. Basically, body language tells us whether we can rely on the words the other person is […]

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Understanding Yourself As a Human Being and Treating Yourself Accordingly

June 27, 2010

Photo Model: Mary Frances Therese G. Meris
MANY OF US DO NOT UNDERSTAND OURSELVES AS HUMAN BEINGS. Most of us see ourselves as bodies. Some know we are spirits, but tend to forget, dismiss, or ignore the idea.
So, the spirit concept remains cocooned in theory, and is not being lived out as it […]

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Juice Fast Detox: Delectable Internal Body Cleansing and Weight Loss

June 20, 2010

Photo by ramzi hashisho via stock.xchng
ORDINARILY, A PERSON WOULD PRACTICE HYGIENE BY CLEANING HIS BODY. But his practice would only consist mostly of body washing, teeth brushing, bowel movement, and urination.
What he does not realize is that his body is far dirtier than he thinks. If you take a look inside his body, what […]

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Listen to Your Body: Your Guide to Physical and Mental Health

June 13, 2010

Image by amminopurr via stock.xchng
A S I WAS ABOUT TO START WRITING THIS ARTICLE, I was feeling a vague sense of heaviness that seemed to be dragging my body down. I chose to stop working, allowed my body to do what it wanted – lie down on the couch – […]

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How to Be a Likeable Person

May 23, 2010

Photo by Will Thomas via stock.xchng
WE ALL WANT TO BE LIKED, BUT SOMETIMES WE DO NOT EXERT ENOUGH effort to make this happen. However, when we need something from someone, we behave in such a way that we become likable. So, we do know really what it takes to be […]

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Choose Subliminal Audio Messaging for Effortless Positive Self-Transformation

May 16, 2010

Image Courtesy of Ophelia Cherry via Stock.XCHNG
ARE YOU DISSATISFIED WITH YOUR PRESENT LIFE SITUATION? If so, you must have been unwittingly picturing yourself to be a kind of person who attracts this kind of situation. Change your negative situation right now. Simply replace your negative picture with a positive one.
People have used […]

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Are You a Victim of Office Politics? Here Is How to Handle It to Your Advantage.

April 26, 2010

Photo by yufuyf
O FFICE POLITICS ARE UBIQUITOUS AND INEVITABLE REALITIES of every workplace environment, be they white-collar or blue-collar. They are about how we interact and build relationships, as we promote our ideas, influence our organization, or increase our power to get our own agenda realized. As an organization member, you”ve got […]

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