Nuggets of Wisdom 61 – 80

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Nugget of Wisdom # 61

With so much negativity in the world, you must actively seek the good in everyone and in everything around you. The first thing to do is to start your day with hope in your heart, and take it along wherever you go. And then, share it with others, so that you may uplift them in their sorrow, mend their hearts, and restore their faith. With hope amidst despair, days ahead are brighter than those behind.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 62

Know that when others genuinely love you, it is because you are worthy of love. Your friends and family love you just the way you are. Being accepting of the person that you are helps you accept their love. Welcome their love with freedom and trust. You receive love; now give love in return. Embrace your love with warmth and fondness. Allow them to be themselves. Love them also just the way they are.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 63

Give most of your attention to things beyond the flesh. There is much more depth to your character than your outward appearance. Focus on that beauty that comes from within you. You are beautiful, just the way you are. Let this beauty radiate from your smile. So, when getting dressed, the first thing you must put on every day is your smile. Your smile is the accent accessory that completes any outfit.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 64

Determination is what makes you an invincible force throughout your journey to victory. Resolve to finish what you have started regardless of circumstances. Face not your challenges merely, but embrace them as opportunities to soar. Life is not about how fast you travel but about how much you enjoy the journey to your destiny. Press on because victory awaits you at the top – but only if you persevere.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 65

Everyone’s reality is designed in the workshop of the mind. Thoughts are the raw materials by which this reality is drafted. If you choose powerful thoughts, the blueprint of your reality is marked by compelling depth. They promote prosperity in every area of your life. And in times of trouble, you can trust them as your own counselor. Choose your thoughts. They become the visible reality of your life.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 66

Instead of allowing life to happen to you, live each present moment to the fullest. It is the only time that you have. Seize its many fleeting opportunities to have fun and to improve yourself before they are gone. Take an active role in the direction of your life in order to prepare yourself adequately for the future. Yesterday is your teacher, today is your opportunity, and tomorrow is your destiny.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 67

Dreams are your assignments in life. Do everything in your power to pursue them. If they are worth pursuing at all, then they are worth giving them your all. Believe in their power, and live by them with intense passion. You will be a step closer to them each time, and eventually see them come to fruition in your life. You, and you alone, are in charge of your future. So, leave nothing to chance.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 68

The mind, the abode of thoughts, where both positive and negative can reside, but never co-exist. Fill it with the positives, and repel all negativities from your life. Live a life of thanksgiving to remain ever positive, even in times of trials. Before attempting something new, believe you are already a winner. See the good in everyone, and treat each person accordingly. Have confidence all things will work out in the end.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 69

Thoughts soon turn into actions. Therefore, you can decide your actions by making up your mind. Realize that you alone – no one else – have complete control and authority over your thoughts. Choose the thoughts that you should harbor and thoughts that you should banish from your mind. If your thoughts are positive, your acts are productive. Use the power of your thoughts to move you forward in life.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 70

Resist not the changes that come your way. They are simply new paths to your destiny. Do not only accept them. Seek them. When they happen, make changes to your way of life also, to achieve the same results you have wished and planned for before. As you do, remain true to your values and beliefs. Embrace the gift of change with an open heart and mind. They spice up the monotony of your daily routine.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 71

Life is a never-ending stream of work and responsibilities. Navigate through it with courage, tranquility, and freedom from hesitation. Dare to take risks, convinced that the end result is worth it. Daring will far outweigh any regret you would have if you did not take that risk. Realize that each step you take along the way is ordained by your Creator, and have faith that He will never forsake you.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 72

Look back at your life’s story, and review a parade of your achievements. Now, you know that you are capable of success, because you have already proven it. Aware of your potential, you can now look forward to the future with great excitement. Believe in your abilities. Dare to face new adventures with confidence. Focus on your strengths to drown out your fears. Your fears are smaller than your feats.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 73

Live your life as one who understands your value to this world. Know that you can make a difference in this life. You are a unique individual with talents and gifts, important to mankind. No one else could ever fill your place. Therefore, live your life with passion and according to your purpose. Infuse joy to those around you. Devoting your life for others makes your own life journey more gratifying.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 74

No matter how you look, a smile always adds beauty and sparkle to your countenance. The more you smile, the more others smile at you, the happier you feel. Smile, regardless of events in your life. Smile, because others need you to. Give your smile to someone who is without one. Your smile costs nothing. It is the best thing you can do with your lips. It is a source of joy, an act of love – your gift to the world.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 75

Knowing your meaning and purpose in life helps you to know your worth. When you redefine who you are based on that knowledge, you increase your significance and relevance to the world. You have a calling and a plan ordained for you by your Creator. When you fulfill them, you blossom like a beautiful flower. Live life to the fullest, and give your best to all you do. Make an impact on those around you.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 76

When you open yourself to the lessons you find around you, your wisdom grows. The world becomes your classroom, and every person you meet – from the youngest infant to the most seasoned adult – your potential teacher. Treasure the learning from your experiences of yesterday and of today, so that you can make better choices tomorrow. Share the wisdom gained with the generation now and with those yet to come.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 77

By what you think, you become. When you control your thoughts, you control your life. When you rise over your circumstances mentally, you rise over them materially. If your mind teems with positive energies, your life will throb in positive resonance. Positive thinking evokes more energy, and creates more happiness. Truly, your thoughts create your living reality. What kind of reality do you opt for?

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Nugget of Wisdom # 78

Nothing is more valuable in life than relationships. They leave life-changing dents on our hearts. Seek not to enter it in order to get something. Rather, seek it as an opportunity to give yourself. What you are is the most important ingredient you put in a relationship. Focus not on what is missing in the other person, but look for what is good in him. Then will you discover the best in yourself

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Nugget of Wisdom # 79

Think of yourself as a painter and the world as a blank canvas. Paint a picture with hues of your attitude and character. Every act you make in life leaves a mark that will adorn or tarnish it. Paint something beautiful. Paint one that creates hope for all. Every act of kindness towards others enhances your picture with grace. With each stroke you make, are you creating a masterpiece out of your life?

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Nugget of Wisdom # 80

Take time to retreat from the noise of your busy world. Find a quiet place you can enjoy peace and inner solitude. In solitude, you find your true self. In its quietness, you hear voices of counsels and comfort. With a mind at peace, you see the world in undistorted perspective. This inner peace radiates outwardly through your actions. Be at peace, and listen to the inner voice that speaks of your destiny

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