Nuggets of Wisdom 101 – 120

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Nugget of Wisdom # 101

People pleasers find it difficult to say NO. The ability to say NO stops you from acceding to someone’s request, when your schedule is already full or when you deprive yourself and your family of much-needed time and attention. From doing something you cannot accomplish and then failing in your commitment. Live up fully to your commitments. Agree only to those you are sure you can do. Learn to say NO.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 102

Be not afraid to make mistakes. Making a mistake does not lessen your value. In fact, the experts and the winners are products of their own mistakes. It is because of what they did with their mistakes. They see their mistakes as blessings in disguise, and take them as opportunities for growth. And so, there are no real mistakes. You just learn from them. If you don’t …AHA! That is the real mistake.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 103

When you feel a positive emotion, enjoy it and let it spill over to every area of your life. When you feel a negative one, acknowledge it and deal with it positively. View the situation from all angles. If it is the result of miscommunication, it could dissipate if you would only clarify the real issue. If not, just positively think that everything happens for a good reason. Then, give thanks for it.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 104

When you love, you put aside your own selfish interests and focus on the needs of those you love. Love does not seek what you can gain but what you can give. True, it is those whom you care for who can bring you hurts and disappointments the most. That is because you love them. Focus not on their shortcomings, but weigh the intentions of their hearts. Let the love you share be a source of life to you.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 105

Give generously, and expect nothing in return, save the blessings of joy you receive from your acts of kindness. By giving, you enrich your life in matters that cannot be measured by the limited standards of monetary measurement. The things money can buy are temporary, but the joy of giving is of substance and value that last a lifetime. You do not give because you are rich; you are rich because you give.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 106

How you perform a task is largely determined by your attitude towards it. See it as a chore, then you do it with disdain. Look at it as an opportunity to learn and a chance to shine, then you do it, as if it were the most important task in the world. Work your best on every detail, and you present your best in all that you do. The result will be a work par excellence. Excellence sets your work apart.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 107

Daily relaxation allows you to diffuse all tensions and stresses and recharge your batteries, keeping you in shape both in mind and body. Make this a priority, and you will be better prepared to face life’s demands and challenges. Your mind and body can work together to perform amazing feats, because you are balanced. With that, you can now enjoy your challenges, and feel good about your successes.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 108

Look around you. See the things that can bring you feelings of joy and thankfulness. These are the simple things in life. As a child, you marveled at them, but as an adult take them for granted. All the wondrous yet simple things around you – be grateful for them and for every small moment of joy they bring. When life gets complicated, re-acknowledge the contentment you find in the simplicity of things.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 109

When things happen not the way you want to, you could find yourself in a stressful situation. You cannot control everything that happens to you, but you can choose your way of handling it. Training yourself to accept what you cannot change and to see the good in what appears to be a bad situation is the best way to do this. It is not the situation but how you deal with it that is key to avoiding stress.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 110

To be able to forgive others and accept their mistakes, you must learn to forgive your own shortcomings. Forgiveness helps you exercise patience. Exercise patience with love towards others, that others may do the same. This is possible if you keep realistic expectations of the situation and act proactively. Change whatever you can of the situation. If you cannot, simply change your attitude about it.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 111

Speak the truth in every situation. It is stressful to cover truth with lies after lies. If you are honest, you don’t have to worry about what to say. You are able to focus on the task at hand, and enjoy the present moment. Honesty is the foundation on which you build relationships. Even a small lie told even once will damage people’s FULL trust in you. Immediately, make amends and apologize sincerely.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 112

Procrastinating makes it harder for you to produce an excellent job. If you keep putting it off, you are making an easy task even more difficult to perform. By organizing and prioritizing your work, you produce better quality output. As a reward, you will enjoy more time and energy for the other activities you love. Prefer to work hard first and play later. Relaxation is much more enjoyable this way.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 113

If you wish to be happy, stop turning your mind into a trash can of negative thoughts. Through positive self-talk, decide that only wholesome thoughts may be admitted into the mansion of your soul. Let them be reflections of your love and self-acceptance that shield you from harsh criticisms and pessimistic comments. In this manner, you become your own greatest motivator and number one supporter in life.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 114

Who you are now is the product of your past decisions and actions. Therefore, you are able to predict your future, because by your actions you are creating it now. Choose actions that will get you closer to your desired future. Start out with baby steps. Each little progress you make is reason to celebrate and enjoy your journey. Let the sweet taste of success be the force that drives you forward.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 115

Waste not each moment that passes by, or you waste that part of your life, which you can never recover. Time is what your life is made up of, and each part of your life wasted is lost forever. Learn from the experience that each moment leaves you. Never miss the opportunity that the moment gives you to let people you love know how much they mean to you. Only if you value your life will you value your time.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 116

Wallow not in self-criticism and blame, as it destroys self-confidence. Your negative beliefs are not necessarily true. Since confidence is founded on a positive view of self, believing that you are good enough the way you are and that you deserve the best is vital in getting the things you want. Know your strengths, and hone them so that they shine brighter than ever. Then, take the necessary actions.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 117

Proper and consistent practice of visualization can help you achieve just about anything you want. Visualization creates a magnetic energy that attracts other similar energies. Your most dominant thought is the one that eventually becomes reality. Visualize your goals as if you already had them; then use affirmation. Remember: everything in your life – every thought and every dream – started as a simple thought.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 118

The secret to a happy life is in being optimistic. It is an attitude choice that you need to make every single day. Count your blessings, instead of misfortunes. Make an inventory of the things that you should be happy about, and be thankful for them. If you cannot have everything you want, consider yourself fortunate enough to be gifted with other things. Always see life from a positive point of view.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 119

If you want your dreams to come true, turn them into goals. Otherwise, they will remain just dreams. Goals are dreams with concrete action plans and deadlines for attainment. Make sure they are realistic and broken down into manageable tasks. Monitor their progress, and make adjustments, as needed. If you focus on continual performance improvement, you will see measurable improvements in everything you do.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 120

Self-trust is foremost among the secrets of success. Dream big, and know this dream will come true. Harness all your energy to fulfill it. Believe that you will succeed, despite what others say. Let not the many forces working against you break your heart. A broken heart is a shortcut to failure. Bear in mind always it is not who you are but who you think you are not that prevents you from succeeding.

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