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Nugget of Wisdom # 20

Know yourself, and learn to accept and love yourself with all your faults and imperfections. Self-knowledge is the first step to successful self-improvement. Loving yourself paves the way to a kind of love that is based on truth. You find it easier to love others with all their faults and imperfections, too. And know that when others love you truly, they do so with all your faults and imperfections.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 19

Anticipate change with joy for what good it may bring. Change makes it possible for you to live the life of your dreams. It may bring the desire to break bad habits and form good ones. At work, it moves you to seek new goals and opportunities. All the people you love and cherish arrived in your life due to changes. With new experiences and learnings, your outlook today may be better than yesterday.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 18

Anything worth doing comes with its own challenges. Welcome and make the best of them. They usually come with a purpose and a set of benefits. When they come, use your critical and creative thinking plus an optimistic attitude to seek a best solution and take decisive action to overcome them. Challenges stimulate you to seek solution for your problem or discover new knowledge for reaching your goal.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 17

Are you in a rut? At work, rework your schedule and rearrange tasks according to priorities. Delegate tasks to those who are willing and able. At home, spice things up with creativity, like rearranging furniture or trying new recipes. Get everyone involved in the new activities. Too much work? Add some fun! Take time to rest and rejuvenate, too. When you return, you are renewed with passion and energy

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Nugget of Wisdom # 16

Stepping outside your comfort zone expands your limits. It opens up new opportunities for you to pursue. You discover new talents and strengths within you. It provides you with a totally fresh perspective of life, as you meet new people, who bring their own set of experiences and strengths to the relationship. Your possibilities are endless when you discover them as you step outside your comfort zone!

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Nugget of Wisdom # 15

Imperfections highlight the very qualities that enhance you, and make you a unique wonderful person. Without them, you would be bland, dull, and boring. Your imperfections bring you many varied experiences that help you uncover your hidden talents and strengths. You are loved for what you are with your unique blend of imperfections. It is really just a waste of time and energy to strive for perfection.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 14

Being flexible helps you overcome challenges and reap a host of benefits, as you journey your way towards success. You can be productive without working too hard. Being adaptable helps your relationship prosper. You can reduce stress, as you get along better with others. Instead of worrying about something, practice flexibility in any situation by being proactive and focusing on moving forward.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 13

Life would be a bore if each of us were perfect. By our imperfections, we complement each other with strengths we possess that others lack. Imperfections allow our relationships to bloom. Those who truly love us do so, not because we are perfect, but because of what we are, faults and all. Our imperfections make us unique and wonderful persons, inside and out. Though we work hard to improve ourselves, let us strive not for perfection but for excellece.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 12

New exciting opportunities result from new experiences and insights every time changes occur in your life. Some of these changes could be frightening at first. But if you would only conquer your fear, they could bring great fulfillment and joy to you. So, resist not changes when they come, but welcome them into your life instead, and enjoy the many benefits they bring.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 11

Time management not only allows you more time to do the things you want but also brings new opportunities for success. Use it to create fresh opportunities. Recognize and take action on them as they come up. Schedule your day according to priorities but include time to handle distractions without putting you behind schedule. You get things done this way while still having time to pursue new interests.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 10

Each day brings new opportunities to move you forward towards your goal. You need only to see the possibilities and then take decisive action! Make it a habit to take advantage of every occasion. Even challenges bring opportunities. The more you practice this, the more you find amazing opportunities all around you! Use your time management skills to schedule daily tasks that keep you moving forward.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 9

Consistent action and good time management skills keep you focused on your goals. Take time to plan your day according to priorities and follow your schedule to the best of your ability. The more you improve your time management skills, the easier it is for you to stay on track. Constant activity enables you to be productive. Rest when your body or mind needs rest, but stay active most of the time.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 8

Give your mind, body, and soul what they crave to flourish. Nurture your mind with imagination and knowledge to help it build attitudes of success. Nourish your body with nutritious foods and exercise. Feed your soul with a close connection to your Creator. Celebrate your mind, body, and soul. Feeding them what they crave enable you to live a wondrous and most fulfilling life.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 7

Life is too short to miss out on the fun. So every day make sure to enjoy some humor. Laughter is one of nature’s best stress relievers. Take advantage of its benefits whenever you can. Allow yourself to be easily amused and take pleasure in the simple things of life. Choose to see the humor in your everyday situations and when tension is great, you may even do something silly just for the fun of it!

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Nugget of Wisdom # 6

It is much easier to focus on what you can control, instead of worrying about the things you cannot control. What can you control? You can control your own thoughts and actions. You can control how you react to events. And you can control your expectations. When you focus on what you can control, you become more effective. What a relief it is! No longer do you have to be responsible for everything.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 5

There is no way that you can be perfect. Expecting to be perfect is a lesson in frustration that you can do without! Therefore, set your goals for more realistic expectations and set yourself up for success, instead. Letting go of perfection reduces stress, while trying to be one is a waste of time. Your confidence and self-esteem rise with the realization that you are good without being perfect.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 4

Life is a series of moments. Each moment holds a joy of its own. The joys of the day start as soon as you wake up. See the beauty of the dawn. Hear the birds harmonizing in glorious melody. Love the smile of your baby. Take pleasure in the sweet aroma of the coffee. Moments like these continue throughout your day. Be fully conscious of them. Celebrate these small joys that bring so much happiness.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 3

Letting others be in charge saves you time, energy, and worry. A heavy burden is lifted from your shoulders. You are able to go with the flow and just enjoy life! You feel stress and worry float away. Everyone has their own unique way of doing things. This is true at work and at home. Appreciate these differences. Letting others have control over their own assigned tasks results in better quality work.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 2

Life can be hard; that is part of the natural order of things. Without hard times, you couldn’t appreciate the complete joy of the good times. Just as your body is strengthened with tough exercises, your character is strengthened by hardships. Each hardship you conquer makes it easier for you to lift off the weight of the next one. Living through hardship also provides you a new appreciation of life.

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Nugget of Wisdom # 1

When you take care of yourself, you make your whole life better. Properly caring for yourself gives you the passion and energy to live life to its fullest. Schedule time every day for self-care. Use tools like meditation and affirmations to relax you and nurture your soul. Exercise, eat right, and sleep well for both physical and mental health. Caring for yourself lets you be the best you can be.

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Akyaa Appiakorang June 26, 2016 at 5:00 am

Truly inspiring

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Thank you, Akyaa.

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these words of wisdom and reality of life keeps my hope really up.awesome just to say a few.

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