What Happens When You Refuse to Forgive?

October 26, 2014

WHEN YOU REFUSE TO FORGIVE, you are tempted to get even – to seek revenge. To seek revenge is not a well thought out response. Like the instinct of self-preservation, it is the product of biologically designed system of self-protection.
Your nervous system perceives danger, but it cannot distinguish between present and past dangers. So, it […]

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The Power of Confidence

October 24, 2014

O F THE MANY SECRETS TO SUCCESS, SELF-CONFIDENCE is the most important. It is belief in your ability that encourages you to take risk to accomplish things beyond your perceived present capability. What holds you back is not who you think you are but what you think you are not.
Life’s circumstances will put your determination […]

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Taking Care of Your Relationships

October 21, 2014

I N LIFE, YOU ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE YOU MEET. If you play by the rules, you will improve and strengthen your relationships.
Playing by the rules in human relations means accentuating the other person’s positives and downplaying the negatives. Revel in your friend’s best qualities and let the inconsequential faults slide. […]

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How to Argue Constructively with Your Spouse

October 18, 2014

E VERY NOW AND THEN, THERE ARISE BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE occasional arguments over things you disagree on. These arguments may run to such an extent that they adversely affect your relationship. For this reason, you may be tempted simply to avoid arguments.
Arguments are a normal part of a healthy relationship. Who are involved […]

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How to Make Extra Money with Facebook Marketing

February 29, 2012

W HETHER YOU ARE A HUGE MARKETING CORPORATION OR SOME SMALL INDIVIDUAL MARKETER, struggling to make extra money online, one of your most effective promotional strategy is internet marketing via social networking – Facebook marketing, in particular.
Why Facebook Marketing Is an Effective Strategy to Make Extra Money
You don’t need to be an internet marketing expert […]

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What and How to Eat for Weight Loss: Some Practical Tips and Tricks

January 22, 2012

How to Eat for Weight Loss Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime
Y OU JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHAT AND HOW TO EAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS, so that you can continue losing weight without starving yourself. Otherwise, you decrease your likelihood of success in your weight loss program.
What to Eat for Weight Loss
Eating is an important […]

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PATH TO EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: Technique to Release Repressed Emotions through EFT Tapping

August 24, 2011

The Joy of Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime.com
E MOTIONAL FREEDOM RELEASES YOU FROM THE SHACKLES OF YOUR outdated negative feelings, triggered by nagging memories of an unpleasant past experience. The experience might have elicited an inappropriate emotional response, which later became negatively programmed in your mind in relation to the memory of that […]

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How Do You Get Over an Unwanted Breakup of a Love Relationship?

June 22, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dreamstimeand Microsoft
A BREAKUP OF A LOVE RELATIONSHIP IS ONE OF THE TOUGHEST DECISIONS TO ACCEPT, especially if you are not the one initiating it. You experience severe pain of separation because of deep emotional attachment developed during relationship.
One or both of you may have realized that your relationship simply […]

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How to Increase Your Wealth without Increasing Your Income

November 28, 2010

Wealth Photo Courtesy of Pierre Amerlynck via stock.xchng
TO INCREASE WEALTH, INCREASE IN INCOME IS NOT AN OPTION FOR MANY. For others, it is not even an answer. How do you increase your wealth without increasing your income?
The Wealth-Poverty Equation
Wealth is the collection of material resources you possess, intended to satisfy your needs and wants. […]

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Life after Death: How Do You Prepare for It?

September 20, 2010

Life after Death Photo Courtesy of Stefanie Mikus-Marx via stock.xchng
IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH? No one has ever come back from the dead to tell the living what it is like. Nobody has yet presented verifiable facts to prove the certainty of life after death. The only scientific accounts available are testimonies of people who […]

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Do Not Become Another Divorce Statistic! Save Your Marriage Now.

March 8, 2010

Marriage Photo Courtesy of SaveMyMarriageToday.com
DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY APPLICATIONS FOR MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION ARE FILED EVERY YEAR IN THE U.S. ALONE? A staggering two million!!! Shocking! …Why do many couples find it so difficult to stay married nowadays?
Divorce damages both parents and children. It significantly lowers life expectancies of […]

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How to Read the Body Language of Falling In Love

November 22, 2009

Photo Models: April Rose Meris and Mark Ballesteros
WHEN A PERSON FALLS IN LOVE, WORDS CANNOT DENY IT. Pretenses cannot mask it. Silence cannot hide it. The body will speak it out aloud in one way or another.
Someone in love may be too shy to verbally disclose his feelings. Someone so […]

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Heal and Be Healed: Give Hugs to One Another

August 9, 2009

MANY OF US DO NOT REALIZE THAT LIFE ON EARTH IS A JUST BUNDLE OF ILLUSIONS. One such illusion is that we as individuals are separate entities from one another. The stark reality is that we are all one, parts of the same fabric of energy permeating this entire creation.
We are alone in our separate […]

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