August 2011

PATH TO EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: Technique to Release Repressed Emotions through EFT Tapping

August 24, 2011
emotional freedom technique

The Joy of Emotional Freedom

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E MOTIONAL FREEDOM RELEASES YOU FROM THE SHACKLES OF YOUR outdated negative feelings, triggered by nagging memories of an unpleasant past experience. The experience might have elicited an inappropriate emotional response, which later became negatively programmed in your mind in relation to the memory of that […]

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Self-Discipline Formation: Made Simple through Meditation

August 2, 2011
Self-Discipline through Meditation

Self-Discipline through Meditation

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S ELF-DISCIPLINE IS AN IDEA THAT USUALLY CONJURES NEGATIVE IMAGES IN THE MIND. It connotes scenarios of discomfort, pain, sacrifice, and self-denial. I am not disagreeing with this … because it is true.
Despite this, self-discipline is such a positive concept, that you would do yourself […]

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