May 2011

BEAUTIFUL WOMAN: How Does a Girl Get to Be One Without Cosmetics or Makeup?

May 24, 2011
beautiful woman

A Beautiful Woman

Beautiful Woman Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime
A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IS WHAT EVERY GIRL WISHES TO BE. Regrettably, most women give undue importance to beauty applied from without to the neglect of that which springs from within. The resulting beauty is, therefore, superficial and artificial.
Cosmetics Creates Artificial Beauty
Artificial beauty is what results […]

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HOW TO GET SLEEP: Natural Sleep Made Simple | Tips to Cure Insomnia

May 9, 2011
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Natural Sleep

Natural Sleep Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime
THE NATURAL SLEEP METHOD IS HOW TO GET SLEEP AND CURE INSOMNIA BEST. Most of us have experienced some form of insomnia at one time or another – some occasionally, others habitually. This article presents a method of natural sleep made simple for both the […]

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Body Language Signs to Observe in Lie Detection

May 2, 2011
lie detection

Lie Detection

Lie Detection Photo Courtesy of Arutha via Flicker
LIE DETECTION NEEDS NO POLYGRAPH MACHINE TO CARRY OUT. All it needs is basic body language reading skill.
Every person should possess the skill of lie detection, if he is to obtain truth in communication. For, conveyance of truth is communication’s ultimate reason for being.
Communication based […]

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