September 2010

Clarifying the True Purpose of Marriage

September 27, 2010
true purpose of marriage

Purpose of Marriage Photo Courtesy of Kostya Kisleyko via stock.xchng
WHAT IS THE TRUE PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE? Over the years, the true purpose of marriage has been forgotten, and confused for something else. For this reason, the institution of marriage has been misused and, at times, abused.
Love Is Not the True Purpose of […]

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Life after Death: How Do You Prepare for It?

September 20, 2010
life after death

Life after Death Photo Courtesy of Stefanie Mikus-Marx via stock.xchng
IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH? No one has ever come back from the dead to tell the living what it is like. Nobody has yet presented verifiable facts to prove the certainty of life after death. The only scientific accounts available are testimonies of people who […]

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Character Formation in the Context of Life’s Circumstances

September 13, 2010
character formation

Character Formation Photo Courtesy of Marlon Duba
CHARACTER FORMATION: THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE ON EARTH FOR. We are here PRIMARILY to use life’s circumstances to make a masterpiece of ourselves. Nothing else.
To serve our fellow human beings in fulfillment of our personal mission is secondary. We are to help them directly […]

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