July 2010

Everyday Fasting: Don’t Break the Fast at Breakfast

July 18, 2010

Fruit Fasting Photo Courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian via stock.xchng
ONE OF THE MOST HEALTHFUL DIETING PRACTICES IS FASTING. Ordinarily, health enthusiasts fast at regular intervals – weekly, monthly, or yearly – but not daily. However, it is possible to fast daily, and get its maximum health benefits.
Like juice fasting, this form of fasting I shall […]

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Is It True Love or Infatuation? How to Tell the Difference

July 12, 2010

Love Photo Courtesy of Bina Sveda via stock.xchng
LOVE OR INFATUATION? This is the question people in love ask most of the time. This article will attempt to show the differences from this author’s point of view.
Love or Infatuation: Why the Confusion?
Both love and infatuation are characterized by a deep feeling of affection […]

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Body Language Reading: Understanding People Beyond Words

July 4, 2010

Photo Courtesy of Microsoft Office
BODY LANGUAGE READING IS A SKILL WE HAVE TO LEARN if we want to truly understand other people. Otherwise, we could be misled by their words and receive incorrect information as a result. Basically, body language tells us whether we can rely on the words the other person is […]

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