June 2010

Understanding Yourself As a Human Being and Treating Yourself Accordingly

June 27, 2010

Photo Model: Mary Frances Therese G. Meris
MANY OF US DO NOT UNDERSTAND OURSELVES AS HUMAN BEINGS. Most of us see ourselves as bodies. Some know we are spirits, but tend to forget, dismiss, or ignore the idea.
So, the spirit concept remains cocooned in theory, and is not being lived out as it […]

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Juice Fast Detox: Delectable Internal Body Cleansing and Weight Loss

June 20, 2010

Photo by ramzi hashisho via stock.xchng
ORDINARILY, A PERSON WOULD PRACTICE HYGIENE BY CLEANING HIS BODY. But his practice would only consist mostly of body washing, teeth brushing, bowel movement, and urination.
What he does not realize is that his body is far dirtier than he thinks. If you take a look inside his body, what […]

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Listen to Your Body: Your Guide to Physical and Mental Health

June 13, 2010

Image by amminopurr via stock.xchng
A S I WAS ABOUT TO START WRITING THIS ARTICLE, I was feeling a vague sense of heaviness that seemed to be dragging my body down. I chose to stop working, allowed my body to do what it wanted – lie down on the couch – […]

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