May 2010

How to Be a Likeable Person

May 23, 2010

Photo by Will Thomas via stock.xchng
WE ALL WANT TO BE LIKED, BUT SOMETIMES WE DO NOT EXERT ENOUGH effort to make this happen. However, when we need something from someone, we behave in such a way that we become likable. So, we do know really what it takes to be […]

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Choose Subliminal Audio Messaging for Effortless Positive Self-Transformation

May 16, 2010

Image Courtesy of Ophelia Cherry via Stock.XCHNG
ARE YOU DISSATISFIED WITH YOUR PRESENT LIFE SITUATION? If so, you must have been unwittingly picturing yourself to be a kind of person who attracts this kind of situation. Change your negative situation right now. Simply replace your negative picture with a positive one.
People have used […]

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