March 2010

For Your Own Sake, Learn to Forgive …and to Forget

March 28, 2010

photo by snukraina
HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE OFFENDED YOU? Can you forgive them? If not, why? Perhaps, you feel that, if you do not forgive, you hurt your offender, thus giving you a chance to get even. If so, then you may not know that you are hurting yourself even more. […]

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Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy: A Cure for ALL Diseases?

March 21, 2010

Photo Courtesy of Microsoft
WE ARE NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. As we progress in age, we become more susceptible to various kinds of diseases. Left untreated, they result in most disabilities of old age, and in many cases even lead to premature death. They deprive us of the pleasures of life that we enjoyed in […]

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Do Not Become Another Divorce Statistic! Save Your Marriage Now.

March 8, 2010

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DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY APPLICATIONS FOR MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION ARE FILED EVERY YEAR IN THE U.S. ALONE? A staggering two million!!! Shocking! …Why do many couples find it so difficult to stay married nowadays?
Divorce damages both parents and children. It significantly lowers life expectancies of […]

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