December 2009

Simple Meditation Techniques For Lasting Stress Relief

December 14, 2009

Photo by Jin Neoh
I f you suffer from constant state of tension and restlessness, you must be stressed. This is just your way of responding to life’s threatening and upsetting situations. It can serve you well by stimulating and motivating you to higher levels of performance under pressure.
However, long-term exposure disrupts the […]

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Working with Passion: Do What You Love for a Living

December 6, 2009

Photo by Gary Scott
EVERYDAY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE PREPARE TO GO TO WORK THEY DO NOT ENJOY. They wake up each morning without energy, thinking about how much their jobs suck and what they would like to do instead. Are you one of them?
Do you detest going to work, and look forward to the day’s […]

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