November 2009

How to Read the Body Language of Falling In Love

November 22, 2009

Photo Models: April Rose Meris and Mark Ballesteros
WHEN A PERSON FALLS IN LOVE, WORDS CANNOT DENY IT. Pretenses cannot mask it. Silence cannot hide it. The body will speak it out aloud in one way or another.
Someone in love may be too shy to verbally disclose his feelings. Someone so […]

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How Do You Score in the Human Aspect of Leadership?

November 8, 2009

Image by Ivan Petrov
LEADERSHIP IS BASICALLY HUMAN IN ORIENTATION. To deal effectively with your followers, you as leader must possess both human- and nonhuman-oriented attributes.
You must possess physical vitality and stamina, as well as intelligence and judgment-in-action. More importantly, you must possess social skills in dealing with your followers and in understanding them and […]

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How Successful Are You As A Parent?

November 1, 2009

Photo Courtesy of Microsoft
BECOMING A PARENT DOES NOT MEAN JUST BEARING A CHILD. It also comes with the serious responsibility of rearing him to adulthood.
Being a successful parent means raising your child up in a way that will turn him into a well-adjusted and morally responsible adult. If by your parenting style […]

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