September 2009

Conversation Skills For Social and Business Success

September 20, 2009

DO YOU SOMETIMES FEEL SOME ANXIETIES IN CERTAIN SOCIAL SITUATIONS? Everyone, even the most outgoing person, does. Some even avoid social interactions altogether. Others merely hide their shyness. If you fall under any of these two extremes – or somewhere in between – making simple conversation can become quite a difficulty. […]

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Work Smart, Not Hard: Do You Know How?

September 13, 2009

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OUR TRADITIONAL CULTURE HAS INCULCATED IN US THE VALUE OF HARD WORK. In school, our teachers nurture us with the idea that hard work breeds success. At work, employers recognize and reward their dedicated “hard” working employees.
If you are a hard working employee, you must have earned this honor, but suffered the […]

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Don’t Let Fear of Failure Ruin Your Drive to Success

September 6, 2009

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MOST OF US EXPERIENCE FEAR OF FAILURE IN VARIOUS ASPECTS OF OUR DAILY LIVES. We are more contented with staying inside our comfort zones than venturing to experiment with the unexplored areas of our lives. We prefer to set aside opportunities than risk failure. As a result, although […]

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