August 2009

Choosing Positive Work Attitudes Turns Drudgery into Play – Failure into Success

August 30, 2009

DO YOU FIND YOURSELF ENSNARED IN WORK YOU DON’T ENJOY? As a result, does your workmanship quality suffer? Are you always denied job promotions? If so, you may by now have developed poor self-esteem and self-confidence that give you a general sense of failure and negative work attitudes.
Negative work attitude may lessen […]

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Simple Activities That Exercise Your Brain

August 25, 2009

Reading Is Great Brain Exercise.
WE ARE ALL FAMILIAR WITH BODY EXERCISES AND THEIR BENEFITS. What about brain exercises? Your brain needs exercise too, just like any other muscle in your body. If you exercise it, as well as nourish and rest it, it gets healthier and stronger. If you neglect it, […]

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Simple Time Management Strategies for Busy People

August 10, 2009

OFTEN WE FEEL WE HAVE TOO MANY THINGS TO DO.  If we use this as excuse to delay work, then we are simply wasting our precious time. The more time we waste, the more our tasks will pile up.
If we only structure our lives to maximize our time and energy on what is most important, […]

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Heal and Be Healed: Give Hugs to One Another

August 9, 2009

MANY OF US DO NOT REALIZE THAT LIFE ON EARTH IS A JUST BUNDLE OF ILLUSIONS. One such illusion is that we as individuals are separate entities from one another. The stark reality is that we are all one, parts of the same fabric of energy permeating this entire creation.
We are alone in our separate […]

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Self-Administered Relaxation Techniques to Fight Off Daily Stress

August 7, 2009

IF YOU ARE FEELING STRESSED OUT, THE BEST THING TO DO IS TO RELAX. Some people just do not know how to conquer their tensions and relieve stress when attempting to relax. If you want to live well, the art of relaxation is one thing you need to learn. “Relaxation means releasing […]

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Set Your Life Direction with Clearly Defined Goals

August 4, 2009

MOST PEOPLE LIVE THEIR LIVES WITHOUT PURPOSEFUL DIRECTION and as a result wonder why they are not as happy as they truly should be. They erroneously think that happiness is attained only through self-gratification, as they allow themselves to be tossed on the sea of fortuity by life’s constant vicissitudes. On the contrary, […]

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How to Gain, Build, and Improve Your Self-Confidence

August 3, 2009

OF THE MANY REQUISITES TO SUCCESS, SELF-CONFIDENCE IS FOREMOST. And yet a number of individuals suffer from low self-esteem, which results to low self-confidence. If you suffer from low self-confidence, realize that more than anything else, it is your fears and doubts that undermine your self-esteem, and cause you to think negatively about […]

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